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Turf Show Radio

Pod-TST: “Status quo or Status update?” for all 16 AFC teams

A look at the predicted order of the four AFC divisions

Pod-TST: Goff, Donald ready to rock against Packers

A bad hand and some cold weather won’t hold this team back.

Draft grades: Brycen Hopkins is a tight end

Hopkins is at least the second Rams draft pick this year to have an NFL father

Rams draft grades: S/CB Terrell Burgess could help immediately

The LA Rams get a defensive player who may be able to contribute immediately in the secondary

Rams 2020 draft grades: RB Cam Akers is a win-now pick

A brief talk on the Rams selecting Akers 52nd overall

Mock Draft: A first round practice run

4 guys get together and do another first round mock draft

Talking Rams draft needs: What are they, are needs overrated, and which prospects fit them?

What should the LA Rams be looking for in the draft and can they find it from where they currently stand?

Turf Show Radio, S11E26

3k, Rob-o and Joey the Jerk recap the blowout win and how things are shaping up in the NFC playoff picture.

Turf Show Radio, S11E23

3k and Rob-o recap the Rams’ Week 11 win on Sunday Night Football.

Turf Show Radio, S11E20

3k, Rob-o, Joey the Jerk and Shania cover the game and how things look heading into the second half of the season.

Turf Show Radio, S11E19

Goodbye, Marcus Peters. Hello, Jalen Ramsey!

Turf Show Radio, S11E18

3k and Rob-o recap the big loss to the Niners and gauge what lies ahead.

Turf Show Radio, S11E17

The Rams are 3-2. 3k and Joey don’t feel too bad about it, and neither should you.

Turf Show Radio, S11E15

Rob-o’s in Ireland tending to the flock as the Rams get ready to take on the Buccaneers in Week 5.

Turf Show Radio, S11E12

3k, Rob-o and Joey the Jerk break down the action from Week 2 and honor American Hero Johnny Mundt.

Turf Show Radio, S11E11

It’s time. The rematch of the NFC Championship. In the Coliseum. In LA. This one’s gonna be huge. 3k, Rob-o and Joey the Jerk get ready for the big Week 2 showdown in the Coliseum.

Turf Show Radio, S11E10

The Rams come back to LA after getting a big win on the road in Week 1. 3k and Rob-o recap the game.

Turf Show Radio, S11E9: Week 1!

Week 1 is here. Let us talk about it.

Turf Show Radio, S11E3: A few of our favorite things

As we head into the offseason, a couple favorites to discuss.

Turf Show Radio, S11E2: 2019 NFL Draft recap

3k, Rob-o and Joey the Jerk recap the draft and look ahead to the 2019 offseason.

Turf Show Radio, S11E1: 2019 regular season schedule release

We’ve got the Rams’ 2019 regular season schedule. Time to break it down with 3k, Rob-o and Joey the Jerk.

Turf Show Radio, S10E53: Free agency recap and 2019 NFL Draft preview

Sean McVay has a lot of respect for Pizza Hut. Which Rams player looks like a character from Inside Out? HYGZ!!! Oh and football stuff.

Turf Show Radio, S10E52: 2019 offseason, free agency, draft talk

With the combine looming in front of free agency, it’s all about the hypotheticals right now for the Los Angeles Rams. 3k, Rob-o and Joey the Jerk comb through the landscape as the Rams head toward the beginning of the 2019 offseason.

Turf Show Radio, S10E51

3k, Rob-o and Joey the Jerk adjust to the Super Bowl LIII loss while getting ready for 2019 including Ol’ AW’s retirement decision, Jared Goff going fishing, and Sean McVay and Bill Belichick arguing what the best Disney movie is.

Turf Show Radio, S10E48

The Los Angeles Rams are going to the Super Bowl.

Turf Show Radio, S10E46

LA-Dallas in the Coliseum in the divisional playoffs. Let’s pod!

Turf Show Radio, S10E45

Pie and fudge and cookies and peppermint bark and candy canes and football!

Turf Show Radio S10E44: Week 15 (v. PHI) recap


Turf Show Radio, S10E43

3k, Rob-o and Joey O look at what the LA Rams should expect in Chicago and how QB Jared Goff will deal with the cold weather all to the sounds of Billy Joel.

Turf Show Radio, S10E42

3k, Rob-o and Joey O break down the messy game in Motor City, talk about the hottest cologne commercial of the holiday season, and Rob Havenstein’s vocabulary issues.

Turf Show Radio, S10E41

We invited the Professor on to the pod...and he went full Professor.

Turf Show Radio, S10E40

It was billed as the Game of the Year©. And man alive, did it deliver. 3k, Rob-o and Joey O relive the biggest game of the 2018 Los Angeles Rams’ season. With sound effects!

Turf Show Radio, S10E39

3K, Rob O, and Joey O cover all the topics, including the MNF move from Mexico City to Los Angeles. Give it a listen.

Turf Show Radio, S10E38

Joe, Rob-O and Joey O unpack the very exciting but disappointing loss in New Orleans.

Turf Show Radio, S10E36

A lot of baggage to unpack after the Los Angeles Rams’ game, even though it was a victory! Where was the signature win? The boys discuss this and more.

Turf Show Radio, S10E35

Pastrami pizza, the mystique of Aaron Rodgers, and future NFL MVP and current system QB Jared Goff.


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