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Tony Softli

Tony Softli, future NFL GM

Dolphins fans are responding well to the team's meltdown.

How do you spell T.E.A.M.?

Tony Softli explained how the St. Louis Rams won in Week 6: acronyms.

Tony Softli, literary insider

The St. Louis Rams are about ready to get back to work. So is Tony Softli.

Wanna be Tony Softli's intern?

Are you an aspiring INSIDER? Then you might just have what it takes to be Tony Softli's intern.

Tony Softli, P.I.

NFL insider or private investigator, Tony Softli's insight into the Aaron Hernandez case

The worst of the Rams

Some strong takes from the man known only as PFT Commenter. Who are the most infamous names in franchise history?

Tony Softli on Tony Softli

League sources had some interesting things to say about St. Louis' top insider.

The hater's guide to OTAs

Spring workouts are underway and all 32 teams appear to be on their way to a Super Bowl this year. Let's cut through the madness.


St. Louis' premiere NFL beat guy had a run in with the dark side of technology this weekend.

Random: What happened to OTAs?

Relax, everyone's getting a real taste of the offseason this week. Let us ease you into it.

Softli on free agency

Local deejay 3000 Tony Softli weighed in on the down market for NFL free agents.

The most Tony Softli tweet ever

The NFL passed a significant, controversial rule change, so naturally Tony was excited about it.

Tony Softli through GIFs, pics, and audio

We like to have fun here at Turf Show Times. Some folks help us have more fun than we should.

Mad Libs, Softli-style

Let's take a shot at improving the handiwork of our favorite local "insider."

Cow tipping with Tony

First. Accurate. Complete. Even when it comes to ranching-based practical jokes.

Softli, Gangnam Style

Destined to be the top single on 101's playlist.

There is another!

But ... is he first, accurate, and complete with nothing more than a rudimentary command of basic English grammar?

Amendola for the grammatically indifferent

Just how important is Danny Amendola to the Rams? Let Tony Softli explain.

The Michael Lombardi, Tony Softli Synergy Watch

Tony Softli and Michael Lombardi share more similarities than just being former NFL personnel men.

Tony Softli: Wordsmith

Tony Softli writes amazing things. You should read them. You will be a better person for it.


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