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The Playbook Projector

Alex Rollins breaks down Rams’ Yankee concept

Take a look at one of the concepts known as the "Yankee Concept" and how Head Coach Sean McVay maximizes the possibilities.

Dante Fowler scouting report

Sosa takes a look at how the Rams’ newest pass rusher wins and what makes him a dangerous weapon on defense.

Tape study: The chestpunt

The biggest new wrinkle in McBae’s offense in 2018 is a flippant semi-pass that has changed the threat level when the Rams have the ball. Here’s what it looks like.

Aaron Donald knows no mercy

What on Earth happened for #99 on Sunday? The man was possessed.

Rams-Vikings: Sosa’s film review

Let’s take a look at a few plays that encapsulate the Rams’ strong offensive performance on TNF

Rams-Cardinals: Sosa’s film review

Let’s take a look at a handful of plays and what they represented

PFF Breaks Down Aaron Donald Tape

The PFF team takes a look at why Aaron Donald is an exception to the rule.

VIDEO: Breaking Down The Wade Phillips 3-4

How the Rams' new defensive coordinator will mold his 3-4 defense to fit his personnel.

How Wade Phillips Will Transform The LA Rams’ Defense

How will Phillips’ unique 3-4 defensive work for the Rams?

Film Room: Sean McVay’s Offensive System

The Washington Footballers have overachieved on offense over the past few years, considering their quarterback situation. Can new head coach Sean McVay replicate that success with the Rams?

Jared Goff Isn’t Fixing This, Pt. II

Not even the #1 overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft could make this work.

The PBP: Michael Brockers and the Power of Power

A tape study of DT Michael Brockers at LSU.

The PBP: Lance Kendricks and the modern 2-TE passing game

A detailed look at the 2-TE set and what it opens up for the offense.

The necessity of football knowledge, or lack thereof

How much do you need to know about football? Does a greater understanding the complexities of the sport mean a greater level of enjoyment?

The PBP: Robert Quinn and the pass-rushing DE

A look at the RDE position and how Robert Quinn fills the spot for the Rams.

The PBP: offensive line basics, and the education of Jason Smith (pt. 1)

3k turns on the playbook projector to investigate run blocking. Part two will examine Jason Smith's development in that aspect.

The PBP: gaps, techniques and the Hollis Thomas effect

The Rams' playbook projector looks at D-line assignments.

The PBP: the 4-3 defense and the arrival of James Laurinaitis

The PBP: Avery's quickness & the Smash scheme

A piece on the "smash" concept for offenses and how Donnie Avery's speed would fit the scheme.


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