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Super Bowl LIII

Everything related to Super Bowl LIII.

Goff is losing to the narrative

Reality and the story are at odds. The story is winning.

What if they had called PI on this play in Super Bowl LIII?

NFL Senior Vice President of Officiating Al Riveron recently revealed this play would have resulted in a defensive pass interference penalty under the new rules for 2019...

The one way the 2019 Rams can exact revenge

The 2018 Rams were so successful, anything less than the mountaintop will leave revenge unattainable...

Random Ramsdom 2/6

The Super Bowl raised questions and will test the Rams resolve as they begin looking toward next season.

Rams-Patriots: 5 Patriots to watch revisited

The Super Bowl ended with a defensive battle for the most part. The Patriots emerged victorious in an ugly battle.

Rams-Patriots: Matchups to watch revisited

The Super Bowl turned out to be purely a defensive battle between two teams struggling offensively. The Rams and Patriots both won some of Sosa’s matchups to watch.

Jeff Fisher deserves credit for Super Bowl LIII loss

It’s not the credit we deserve, but the credit we need.

TRANSCRIPT: McVay, Goff - Feb. 5

Here’s what the duo had to say today.

Gurley refuses to speak to media

This is just weird.

Your guide to recovery

We can’t control what happens on the field, but we can control how he deal with it, kind of.

Rams-Patriots: Stock report

The offense had a putrid day, and that’ll be reflected in Sosa’s stock report

That might have been Jared Goff’s worst game

Timing is everything.

Rams-Patriots: Super Bowl report card

The defense played great, but what about the offense?

Random Ramsdom, 2/4:

Have a look at the best links of the day

The Los Angeles Rams’ historic 2018 season ends in heartbreak

The Rams had a great season but couldn’t stick the landing.

Super Bowl LIII takeaways

Here are the big lessons from the heartbreaking loss.

The Rams lied about RB Todd Gurley’s injury and the media let them

For two weeks, the Rams and Gurley himself insisted he was fine. He wasn’t. And the media sold their talking points for free.

Rams 3, Patriots 13 game recap: Blanked

One of the best offenses in the history of the NFL in the Year of Offense couldn’t get anything going in the final game of the year.

Super Bowl LIII, Rams-Patriots live thread II

It’s a defensive dogfight. Who makes the changes in the 2nd half to win the game?

Super Bowl LIII, Rams-Patriots live thread I

It’s time.

Super Bowl LIII, Rams-Patriots pre-game live thread (UPDATED)

We’re nearly there...

Rams want C.J. Anderson back next year

This isn’t exactly surprising news as C.J. Anderson has been a fantastic addition to the Rams’ offense.

Rams-Patriots: Matchups to watch

The Super Bowl is known for having random stars arrive and make their names announced. Sosa anticipates that the trend may continue in Super Bowl 53.

Super Bowl LIII, Rams-Patriots: Game info

All the info for the big one.

Brett Kollman breaks down Aqib Talib film

The Rams invested a late-round pick in the eccentric veteran corner, and the numbers tell us that the gamble wasn’t so much of a gamble.

No calm before the storm

We’re two days out, and things are definitely getting crazier in Atlanta.

Rams-Patriots Friday injury report

Both teams are going to be fully healthy and ready to go on Super Bowl 53

Rams-Patriots: bold predictions

The biggest game of the year won’t be decided by the QBs or even the RBs, but rather in the trenches.

Regular season or postseason Rams?

We’ve seen two different Rams teams. The one in the playoffs has been better than the one from the regular season. That’s a good thing for Rams fans.

Random Ramsdom, 2/1

Drop your linen and stop your grinnin’ — it’s business time

Blowout or Nail-biter in Super Bowl LIII?

Can you stomach another last second finish?

Rams-Patriots Thursday injury report

Injuries for both squads on Thursday, 1/31

The time to focus is now

Now the Rams can stop fussing with the media’s shenanigans and just focus on preparing for Sunday.

Rams-Patriots: Staff picks for Super Bowl LIII

The marbles. This one is for all of them.

Rams-Patriots: What to do defensively

Sosa shares his thoughts on what the Rams should deploy defensively and how they should plan for the Patriots’ weapons.

Turf Show Radio, S10E49

3k, Rob-o and Joey the Jerk go through the football, Nebraska Pizza, and Zombie Bill Belichick.


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