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Rams at 49ers: Week 10

Discipline problems

Jeff Fisher's team is getting way too many flags these days, and it's giving opponents a decided advantage.

Oh snap!

The snap counts revealed plenty about Jeff Fisher's game plan against the 49ers this week.

Sam Bradford: Sometimes all it takes is a tie...

Whether you consider observations made by fans trite or solid opinion, the subject of Sam Bradford has garnered huge responses across the spectrum. In truth, if you want to be purely objective, Bradford has had a tough time.

Rams vs. 49ers: Oh Hey, a Tie

It's been a few years since the NFL had a tie game, but the Rams did their due diligence to grab that second dash on their record.


After a game like that one, many of us are left not sure on how to feel. Should we be happy the Rams hung with such a good team? Or should we be upset that the Rams blew the game twice?

Rams at 49ers: Five Players Recap

Review of five Rams players after the 49ers game.

We see you Steven Jackson

St. Louis Rams running back Steven Jackson didn't care for the outcome of Sunday's game.

Danny Amendola smashing more things

The end of the Rams game came as a surprise to Danny Amendola.

Rams don't lose!

The St. Louis Rams tied the 49ers on Sunday.

Rams - 49ers 2nd Half Game Thread

The Rams went into the locker room with a 14-7 lead. This is actually happening.

Jenkins, Givens screw up, get benched

The Rams sat two of their key players on Sunday.

St. Louis Rams: 49ers Make Teams Beat Themselves

The 49ers aren't an exciting team to watch. They pound the ball with running back Frank Gore, and their defense strangles opposing offenses. They don't make mistakes on defense, and its been the key to San Francisco's success.

Rams Defensive Gameplan Versus the 49ers

There's no secret that the St. Louis Rams are playing a great football team this week, and even though it's the 49er defense that gets most of the attention, it's their offense that can lead to their ultimate victory or defeat.

Chris Long ready to bounce back this week?

St. Louis Rams defensive end Chris Long has struggled lately, but he could be poised for some big numbers this week.

What's Jeff Fisher's secret plan?

Head coach Jeff Fisher knows exactly how to get his team moving again inside the red zone, but he's not telling anyone other than to say he expects results.

Comparing Alex Smith & Sam Bradford

Sam Bradford is headed down a path that Alex Smith has once walked. Will he be able to change his path and grow into the quarterback the Rams want and need?

Hey, rookie!

The 49ers are letting their rookeis watch and learn this season. First-year players on the St. Louis Rams roster are already in the mix. It's a tell-tale sign of two teams in radically different places.

Rams sign Hakim, get Wells back

The St. Louis Rams made a few roster moves on Wednesday with a few notable links to the past.

Who you callin' a 'game manager?'

St. Louis Rams head coach Jeff Fisher does not want anyone slighting 49ers quarterback Alex Smith.

Quinn or Smith

Whenever two people enter a field having very similar job descriptions and similar skill sets, those people are going to be compared to one another.

Get briefed on the Rams vs. Niners

Get briefed on the Rams game against the 49ers this week with TST's own 3k and David Fucillo from Niners Nation.


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