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Rams fans throwing money at Eric Dickerson

Yeah, pretty much exactly what it sounds like.

I'm supposed to be editing, scheduling and writing a long list of things for TST and SB Nation with less than a week to go before training camp. Obviously, I'm doing a killer job of it because I was stumbling around Twitter and found this excellent photo of Rams fans welcoming Eric Dickerson back to Los Angeles.

The Rams trading Dickerson to the Colts is the stuff of legend. Right up there with one of the worst trades in the history of sports.The Rams threw away everything they got in return.

Dickerson didn't play again in LA against the Rams until Week 2 of the 1989 season, which is when I believe this photo was taken.

At any rate, I'm passing this along because it's interesting. Well, let's be honest, it's people throwing money at Eric Dickerson, what else do I really have to say?

Ram It!