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St. Louis Rams training camp 2013 bingo: Follow the fun!

What's the point of camp without fun games?


The St. Louis Rams start training camp in a few scant days. Rookies report on July 21. The veterans land July 23, and the first open practice is July 25. It can't start soon enough. I think we're all ready for football.

And to help you keep track of it and feed your competitive spirit, we've come up with this little bingo card. Use it daily, weekly or whatever. Fill in the dots, challenge your friends as you look for camp developments, spot your favorite character and identify favorite tropes. Oh, and we've even got a whole row dedicated to Tony Softli, our favorite "INSIDER."

As usual, Turf Show Times will have you covered. We'll be breaking down the roster, parsing the news and plenty more. But we're also here to entertain.

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