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Knock on Peter King's backdoor

Look, Peter King is starting a new WordPress blog.


Anyone that's everyone who thinks they think knows that Peter King, the Tom Friedman of sports writers & Mike Florio's journalists anonymous sponsor, is getting ready to start the 346th version of Grantland. King's Grantland, however, will be focused exclusively on football (and shitty beer and Starbucks coffee and riveting tales from the quiet car). It's going to be called "The Monday Morning Quarterback," because creativity.

Anyway, a cursory search of the internet yielded what we believe to be the back door to the gilded palace of blandness:

Yep, Peter King is getting his own WordPress blog. WORDPRESS.

That back door won't be there for very long. At some point, the URL will land you on the front door steps of Kinglandia, er, MMQB the WordPress blog.

If you have a key to get in, you could dig around and get a sneak peak at King's always interesting musings from his personal life and travels, dotted with something about football, usually something about how great Roger Goodell is (access in the NFL ain't free even for Peter King, folks).

There's a 50-50 chance that password is "PeetsCoffee."