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49ers make their own 'Rams Rules'

The Rams might not have the lamest fan outreach attempt in history now.

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Thearon W. Henderson

Hey, 49ers fans, did you know that teams playing at home often have something called "a home field advantage?"

Yes, it's true. But don't worry, the Niners have you covered with a helpful memo that explains the "Home Field Advantage Plan" for aspiring fans.

For instance, the Niners advise you to ...

1. Wear read!

2. Be quiet when the home team's on offense.

3. First down!

The Rams did something like this awhile back with the dreaded "Rams Rules" video. As the manager of a Rams blog, I've taken plenty of heat for that lame video. WELL NO MORE. The 49ers with their winning records and elite talent are sending people memos about how to cheer for a football team.


(h/t Deadspin)


And here's that video.