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Mutton Chops

Cory Littleton’s shoes are from 1964

I got a fresh line-up. A fresh outfit. Bout to have the parking lot on smash.

Here’s how Goff can invest his extension wisely

At some point, the faucet gets shut off. But with these wise investments, Goff and his family will be rolling in dough for generations.

Todd Gurley’s love for cats is worrying because cats suck

TGIII is making a huge mistake. Someone please save him before it’s too late.

Jared Goff releases JG16 clothing line

The system QB is ready for his branding moment!

VIDEO: Hilarious cartoon spoofs 2019 with Rams at the center

Ok, this is funny as hell.

VIDEO: Rams RB Todd Gurley says the Drake curse is real


Inside the truly odd Jared Goff Banana Republic experience

How does a hardcore Goff fan show his stripes during the doldrums of the offseason? By purchasing his clothes at the Repub, of course.

VIDEO: Marcus Peters...weatherman?


VIDEO: McVay, Snead, Donald, Weddle and Hekker react to the schedule

Here’s how the Rams reacted to learning their schedule for this year.

McVay’s house burglarized

TMZ Sports is reporting that three men broke in and stole roughly $20k worth of valuables.

Stan Kroenke, owner of...the Dodgers?

Back when the future of the Rams was in limbo, Kroenke’s bid to purchase the Dodgers was huge deal. How would things look now if his bid had gone through?

Meltdown in a nutshell

If there was a single moment that encapsulated the current Rams meltdown, this was it.

Halle Berry!


WATCH: Goff, Whitworth join the Ellen Show

The Rams’ duo joined Ellen today.


The most popular video game in the world joins forces with the biggest sport in the country.

WATCH: Suh practices QB sack without drawing flag

Perfect technique!

The System QB t-shirt

Now in wearable form!

Kevin Durant says he “would join the Rams right now”

KD to the Rams?

WATCH: McVay recalls plays on demand, Pt. II

Yeah, this is still great.

3k doing Reddit AMA tomorrow


VIDEO: LA Rams QB Jared Goff in “Sh*t Fantasy Football Fans Say”

From the makers of Dreaj Foge...

Rams fan gets SB champs tat

There’s no way this can backfire!

Rams play Overwatch with Gladiators

Stan Kroenke’s NFL team is playing video games with Stan Kroenke’s Overwatch team. SYNERGY!!!

Aaron Donald’s cryptic tweet broken down

Time to break down Donald’s cryptic message on Twitter this morning.

Jeff Fisher to call one game in 2018

Dear Leader will return to the NFL, but not as a coach. Instead, he’ll get a one-game tryout when the Jacksonville Jaguars host the New York Jets in Week 4.

JTG’s new Gatorade commercial

Todd thinks Todd is doing fine. But Todd thinks Todd could do more. Oh, Todd...

Rams’ Madden 19 ratings

An early look at the top-rated Rams

Which NBA team do the Rams look like?

Finding an NBA equivalent for the Rams is tougher than it may seem...

Rams en México-Gales

K Greg Zuerlein, LS Jake McQuaide y reserva QB Luis Perez estaban en el Rose Bowl para ver el partido.

Jeff Fisher still waiting on HC opportunity

The Fish is still waiting for a suitor to make him the head man and not just a coordinator.

Adrian Peterson interested in joining “St. Louis” Rams

Uh...All Day has it all wrong.

VIDEO: Rams fan Taran Killam has new ABC show “Single Parents”

Watch the new trailer for the show that premieres this fall and see what jersey he’s wearing in the pilot.

VIDEO: Kevin Hart and Scott Eastwood at LA Rams training camp

The two stars joined the Rams at training camp last year in a new video on Hart’s LOL Network.

VIDEO: Rams call RB John Kelly

"It’s gonna all start right now. So now we’re gonna get ready and start getting your mind right and getting your body ready to come out here and start playing some football."

VIDEO: Rams call Oklahoma EDGE Ogbonnia Okoronkwo

"You ready to come rush the passer?" "Yessir!"

VIDEO: Rams call MSU C Brian Allen

"I’m gonna put you on the phone with your new head coach." "F*** yeah!"


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