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Rams vs. Vikings: Week 15

Random Ramsdom - Monday Links

The winning streak is over and the St. Louis Rams are once again below .500. While they are technically not out of the playoff race yet, Sunday's loss against the Minnesota Vikings appears to have the Rams looking toward 2013.

Recapping The 5 Keys To The Rams vs. Vikings

The St. Louis Rams didn't win this week against the Vikings. Maybe they should have, but as the case has been this year they beat themselves up for much of the game. Let's look at the key factors and how the Rams did...

Rams-Vikings: Five Players Revisited

Sam threw for a season-high 377 yards, but costly turnovers and Adrian Peterson's 212 rushing yards were too much for the Rams to handle.

Gracious Griffen says thanks to Sam

The Vikings defensive lineman scored one for fat guys today, and he owed it all to the Rams quarterback.

How Quickly a Game Can Change

The Rams looked in the fight until Adrian Peterson showed up.......

Rams 7, Vikings 30 - Second Half Open Thread

The Rams need a lot of help if they're going to pull this off.

This stream has:

Greatest misses

Missed tackles, penalties ... it was just too much for the St. Louis Rams to overcome against a determined Adrian Peterson and the Minnesota Vikings.

Real legs

The fake Legatron has your bulletin board fodder for this week.

Rams vs. Vikings X-factor: Kyle Rudolph

Adrain Peterson is incredible, but Kyle Rudolph is also a big part of the Vikings offense that cannot be overlooked.

Just For Kicks

Both the Rams and the Vikings have a pair of rookie 6th round kickers. Take a look at the impacts that Blair Walsh and Greg Zuerlein have had on their respective squads.

Rams Vs. Vikings: Q&A with Daily Norseman

Getting the inside info from Ted Glover of The Daily Norseman, the SB Nation community for fans of the Minnesota Vikings.

Rams' Danny Amendola - Difference Maker

Both the St. Louis Rams' Sam Bradford and the Minnesota Vikings' Christian Ponder struggle when missing their #1 wide receivers. Danny Amendola and Percy Harvin have each received a much higher rate of targets than anyone else on their teams.

Rams-Vikings: Five Players to Watch

This week, the Rams have to stop Adrian "AD" Peterson, and get the offense rolling.

It's all about AP

Adrian Peterson missed practice, but should be back on Friday. The Rams were without a couple players that will be key in slowing Peterson down this wee.

Real Expert Opinions

My panel of experts discussed the Vikings at Rams game while over for fondue night. See what they’ve got to say about this weeks matchup