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Rams at Bills: Week 14

Rams 15, Bills 12: Video Recap

The St. Louis Rams got the better of the Buffalo Bills in New York today in a defensive battle that came down to the waning seconds.

Rams trail Bills at halftime, 0-6

Two defensively strong teams are playing the kind of game you'd expect from two defensively strong teams. So be it.

Sunday affirmations

As the senile old man in the White House used to say, it's morning in Rams fandom.

Amendola out again?

The St. Louis Rams could be without Danny Amendola for the second week in a row.

Breaking Down The Cushion

St. Louis Rams fans continue to be baffled by the cushion allowed to opposing wide receivers on a weekly basis. But maybe there was a method to the Rams cushion madness.

Amendola limited, Wells out

Mike McNeill and Scott Wells missed practice for the second straight day.

Rams-Bills Video Preview with Buffalo Rumblings

3k and Brian Galliford talk up the Rams and Bills ahead of Sunday's crucial matchup.

Q&A with Buffalo Rumblings

Getting the inside info from Brian Galliford of Buffalo Rumblings, the SB Nation community for fans of the Buffalo Bills.

Two for eight

For the first time in a long time, the St. Louis Rams could have dual threats at wide receiver.

Chattin' with Chan

How exactly do the Bills plan to stop the visiting Rams juggernaut this week? Head coach Chan Gailey has a few ideas.

Rams Use Their Buffalo Wings

The St. Louis Rams are headed to Buffalo in Week 14, and have given themselves a chance to get back above .500 for the season. Each game is a must-win if the Rams hope to make the playoffs.