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Top 20 Rams of 2022

The top-20 L.A. Rams: Where they rank and who is standing out in training camp

From Matthew Stafford to the guy who would replace Matthew Stafford

Top-20 Rams: Is Matthew Stafford or Aaron Donald number one?

The ultimate showdown that this list was inevitably headed towards

Top-20 Rams of 2022: Dominance is dominance, stop doubting Cooper Kupp

Is it fair the the NFL Offensive Player of the Year isn’t the top-ranked player on this list?

Top-20 Rams: No cornerback is nearly as good as Jalen Ramsey since 2016

The Rams have a special player in their secondary, but also a few other elites to compete for the top-3

Top-20 Rams of 2022: To replace a great, Joseph Noteboom needs to become great

He’s the best option at one of the most important positions and Matthew Stafford could be in trouble without him

Top-20 Rams of 2022: Running backs continue to matter to the fans

As we nearly get to the top-five of the list, fan support for Cam Akers is growing

Top-20 Rams of 2022: The good news and the bad news about Leonard Floyd

Floyd is by no means a perfect edge rusher, but he’s by far the best thing L.A. has to an edge rusher

Top-20 Rams of 2022: Allen Robinson looking to be latest WR to excel for Sean McVay

Robinson has big shoes to fill as one of the most important players on a championship roster

Top-20 Rams of 2022: Bobby Wagner brings more than just experience to the defense

L.A. is the place that Wagner calls "home" and now he’s trying to show what it takes to get back to the SB

Top-20 Rams of 2022: Tyler Higbee and the future at tight end

Now one of the most experienced tight ends in the NFL, can Higbee continue to take steps forward?

Top-20 Rams of 2022: A’Shawn Robinson can be an elite defensive tackle

Given what we saw in at the end of the season, Robinson may just be scratching the surface at 27

Top-20 Rams of 2022: This is probably Rob Havenstein’s last year in LA

The Rams have a big decision to make at right tackle

Top-20 Rams of 2022: Greg Gaines will test the ‘Aaron Donald effect’ like none other

Can Les Snead let this defensive lineman leave in free agency too?

Top-20 Rams of 2022: Cam Akers proved irreplaceable, but is he back?

There is no other running back on the roster like him or with his ceiling

Top-20 Los Angeles Rams: The first 7 names and the rise of Brian Allen

What LA Rams fans say about who should rank higher on the top-20

Top-20 Rams of 2022: David Edwards in line for a huge, well-deserved raise

Can L.A. afford to keep him past one more season?

Top-20 Rams: Jordan Fuller working his way up list of ‘greatest sixth round picks ever’

It’s hard to make a name for yourself at the back end of the draft, but Fuller is calling plays in the back of the defense

Top-20 Rams: Is Van Jefferson overrated, underrated, or just right?

We need to set a new bar for "good receiver stats"

Top-20 Rams of 2022: Ernest Jones has an exceptionally high ceiling

A change of pace: Les Snead is investing in inside linebackers

Top-20 Rams: Brian Allen can be an inspiration to his fellow L.A. teammates

Nobody would have guessed Allen as a top-20 player on the team a year ago, but it is well deserved

Top-20 Rams: Troy Hill is a veteran starter at a bargain price

A cornerbacks unit that lacks experience, a head coach who welcomed back Hill with open arms

Top-20 Rams: John Wolford set to spend another year as LA’s ‘backup plan’

How important is the player who must replace Matthew Stafford in case of emergency?

Top-20 Rams for 2022: The ones who didn’t make it and the first player on our list

The Rams have a lot of depth in the secondary but do they have a second star to place next to Jalen Ramsey?


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