Updated Rams Logo


Was curious about what it might look like to see the Rams logo in a different light.

DeAndre Hopkins catches 31 balls with one hand


Yep, JUGS machine or not, this is impressive.

Monster "Menelik Watson" #22


Menelik Watson... The RAMS new beast at #22?

Rams Need to Be Bold & Draft Manti Te'o


Since the Rams are taking a risk on Titus Young, the Rams should continue that bold attitude and pursue Manti Te'o

Manti Te'o - No Love from Media


The national media has done it's number on Manti Te'o with the public

Wheaton, Williams, Patton, Hunter: Tier 2 WR Breakdown


Here's the 2nd tier of the WR breakdown with Markus Wheaton, Terrance Williams, Quinton Patton and Justin Hunter, the continuation of the fanpost I put up. I don't want to clutter up your fanposts so I'll just stick it here. Enjoy!