Wish List for the Rams Draft Picks


This is a wish list of seven players the Rams would hopefully consider (and other teams hopefully will pass up for other players). I list them in order by last name. 1. Tavon Austin 2. Tyler Eifert 3. Eddie Lacy 4. T.J. Moe 5. Manti Te'o 6. Kenny Vaccaro 7. Chance Warmack

NFL draft questions: Rams to trade up for playmaker?


Talk of Snead trading up for Julio Jones when he was director of player personnel with Falcons in 2011...but there is no JJ in this draft.

Whichever Team Gets Te'o Likely Won't Regret It


With the draft almost here, we have to remember that any player can go to any team. The Draft process is difficult and impossible to predict. All that we fans can do is express our opinions and pray for divine influence (LOL). But seriously, Te'o may be the most controversial player right now, but any team that does get him will most likely prosper from him, if only in the long term picture.

Keep Calm and Draft Te'o


I recently read some comments on one of my posts (I usually get no comments on my posts), and some of them were pretty rude. So, I've decided to post this image. I'm posting this just for fun. If those same people from before want to keep making fun of my advocacy for Manti Te'o, that's fine. I'm sure I'm not the only one being mocked for doing so.

2013 NFL Draft tiers: Elite prospects, blue chips and red chips -


Bucky Brooks lists Keenan Allen as #2 in "Here are five guys whom I believe will make an immediate impact for their respective teams as rookies

The Character of Manti Te'o


We're more than eager to talk about talent, but in order for talent to have value, there must be good character in that player. Despite the media storm, Manti Te'o is a good guy, and can be trusted by potential teammates.

The Mistake of Calling Manti Te'o Slow


It's a mistake to call Manti Te'o. There are plenty of linebackers that aren't that fast either, and many teams are now examining him in a serious way. The Rams need to do the same.

2013 NFL Draft: St. Louis Rams spotlight


Five players who should be on the St. Louis Rams' draft radar: WR Tavon Austin, West Virginia_____ FS Kenny Vaccaro, Texas _____ RB Eddie Lacy, Alabama_____ OT Kyle Long, Oregon_____ WR Da'Rick Rogers, Tennessee Tech