The Turfie Awards


If you haven't read it yet, check out CrazyEyesKilla's Turfie Awards, featuring the best of the TST community. Great stuff. New offseason tradition? Definitely.

Seven Rounds: DT, DE, OLB


My picks for those three positions in each of the seven rounds.

Rams Interactive 2010 schedule


Check it out. Has some interesting stuff. Our schedule happens to be ranked #31st and we play the raiders in oaktown. Coach and Cali you guys better be at the game with me!

NFL to release 2010 regular season schedule Tuesday, April 20 at 7 p.m.


It's going to be a big week next week.

Brandon Marshall traded to Miami


The Dolphins gave up a second round pick this year and what is believed to be a second round pick next year. The best news about the whole thing: the Seahawks didn't get him.

Kroenke to hand over NBA and NHL teams to family member?


Apparently, he wants the Rams bad enough to not hassle with forcing an exception to the cross-ownership rules.

Seahawks DE Patrick Kerney retiring


Wow. Seattle will have a vastly different identity without him.