Bears re-sign Pisa


The former Ram missed all but 24 snaps last season.

Jets Acquire Santonio Holmes


Jets trade their 2010 5th round pick for Santonio Holmes. Seems like a steel to me. We should of gotten in on that.

How much of an advantage does Jimmy Clausen have by having played in a pro-style offense?


Good stuff over at the Shutdown Corner. It touches on a conversation I had with a friend back when Alex Smith went #1 overall - if college football continues to roll out offenses that execute a productive gameplan, the NFL approach to offensive gameplay (and specifically the forward pass) will change. (h/t to Mocking the Draft)

Wanna watch Jimmy Clausen's Pro Day?


It's live at Notre Dame's(barf) website at 11:30 Eastern, 8:30 Pacific for us Cali fans. Just click on the video link on this page.

Broncos continue to demand a first round pick for WR Brandon Marshall


That could change between now and Aprill 22 or 23, but that's a steep asking price.

Haynesworth/Carriker swap (RUMOR)


Interesting rumor by Clayton. (ESPN Insider)

Bulger Released


Not a huge surprise to anyone, but noteworthy nonetheless. Guess who we're gonna draft...........

Marc Bulger Released


Marc Bulger was finally released today, solidifying Bradford as the first overall pick in the draft. I still like Bulger over Feely, but that contract was too much.

Rams release QB Marc Bulger


via Rotoworld. It looks almost certain the Rams will go with Bradford in the 2010 Draft.

ESPN: McNabb to Redskins


So about that whole Washington trading with us for the #1 pick to take Bradford thing... (Author's note: Double hat tip to stcardinalsfang and AbsolutMoose for getting the news to TST first)