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Raheem Morris says he’s jealous of Sean McVay for this reason

The bond between McVay and Les Snead has led Rams to great success

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at San Francisco 49ers Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports

New head coach of the Atlanta Falcons, Raheem Morris, made a surprising admission in his introductory press conference: he’s jealous of Sean McVay because of his relationship with general manager Les Snead.

Snead has been the GM of the Los Angeles Rams since 2012, though he didn’t find much success in terms of wins and losses until McVay joined the franchise in 2017. Ever since the duo have been in lockstep. Snead understands what McVay and his coaching staff are looking for in order to plug players into their scheme, and the very stark personality differences between the two executives provide balance atop the organization.

McVay is passionate, fiery, and brings a sense of urgency to the Rams franchise. Snead on the other hand is more methodical, objective, and takes a more long-range view to the future of the team. The pairing of the head coach and general manager have proved successful for the Rams, as the duo have earned two Super Bowl berths—including a victory in 2021—and led the team to six winning records over a seven-year span.

It’s fair for Morris to see how McVay and Snead cooperate at a high level and want that for himself now that he’s getting his second shot as a head coach in the NFL. We often see GM’s draft quality talent but the coaching staff is then unable to develop the players or adapt the scheme to get the most of their skillset. We see promising coaches flame out because they never quite get the pieces they need to break through the league of parity. Job security is quickly fleeting in the NFL, and it requires both the scouting department and coaching staff to work in tandem—so Morris is wise to know that his days are numbered unless the Falcons can build out the rest of their roster.

Much gets made of other teams pilfering the Rams coaching staff year after year, but other than Brad Holmes leaving to become the GM of the Detroit Lions we don’t often hear about the rest of the NFL attempting to replicate what Los Angeles has in its front office. After putting together a 14-member draft class that features the likes of Puka Nacua, Kobie Turner, Byron Young, and others, Snead is once again proving why he’s a top general manager in football. The Rams made quick work of their roster rebuild and returned to the playoffs after a one-year break.

Raheem Morris wants what Sean McVay and Les Snead have in Los Angeles. Can he and Terry Fontenot turn around the Falcons franchise?