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Will the Rams and Les Snead once again ‘Remember the feeling?’

Snead once reflected on wanting to “Remember the feeling,” after the Rams lost their first playoff game under Sean McVay.

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Remember the feeling.” A phrase that stuck out in Les Snead’s mind after he watched Sean McVay and the Los Angeles Rams lose to the Atlanta Falcons in the 2017-2018 Wild Card Round. It was a difficult loss for the team who went from a 4-12 record the year before, to a playoff contender who thought they had the talent to go further than they did. LA may have lost, but they didn’t want to run from that “feeling.” They wanted to embrace it, They wanted to reflect and make the needed changes to get better. That’s exactly what would end up happening for the Rams.

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Los Angeles Rams Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Snead decided that in order to remeber that feeling.” he needed to put it in writing to ensure that words didn’t become a passing thought.

As he did a day after the season ended, Snead told reporters he constantly reminds himself to remember what it felt like on the drive home after the Rams lost to the Atlanta Falcons in a wild-card playoff game.

Snead said he wrote the phrase “Remember the Feeling” at the top of a computer document he checks occasionally. He uses it as motivation.

“Every now and then, I change colors,” he said. “Because you know how it is, you psychologically see it over the day — and it’s like, ‘Oh wait, I didn’t notice that today.’

The Rams went ahead and improved from a playoff team in 2017 to a Super Bowl contender the next season. Snead and McVay’s road to success hasn’t always been pretty or easy. The two have seen the team lose a Super Bowl, and they’ve gone through a losing season together. They’ve also seen LA hoist the Lombardi Trophy. Does McVay also want to remember the feeling?

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Is it possible that part of the Rams messaging this offseason is to remember the heartbreaking loss to the Detroit Lions? Maybe the messaging isn’t to remember the game specifically, but to remember the feeling of seeing your promising season come to an end. LA didn’t earn the chance to play in the final game of the year, but they could have.

I really believe that the Rams had the talent to beat the Lions and to beat anyone in the NFC. Did and do the Rams believe that? Will Snead and McVay know what it takes to make this team better?

The last time LA lost a Wild Card game they responded and went on to make the Super Bowl. Will history repeat itself?

NFL: Los Angeles Rams Press Conference Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Young players like Puca Nakua, Kyren Williams and Kobie Durant will have the chance to watch the upcoming game on Sunday knowing that they were only a few plays away from getting further into the tournament. Knowing they were a few games away from playing in the Super Bowl.

What little kid doesn’t dream of something like that? Will the players remember the feeling?

It’s easy to say that the Rams will have a decent draft, make some savvy moves and be in better position than this past season. Its easy to say. It’s hard to do. How the Rams handle this offseason and how the organization channels “the feeling” will determine if the latest loss was a spring board, or otherwise. How will the Rams embrace the feeling this time?