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Who caught Les Snead’s eye at the Senior Bowl?

Here’s a list of prospects that the media thought stood out

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Los Angeles Rams
Les Snead has signed over 30 Senior Bowl participants since 2012
Photo by John McCoy/Getty Images

Another Senior Bowl has come and gone and you can be certain Los Angeles Rams General Manager Les Snead was monitoring closely. Since taking over in 2012, Snead has drafted 29 Senior Bowl participants and signed three others as undrafted rookies.

While the actual game may be a bit of a let down, the weigh-in’s and three workouts are an important part of the draft process. The draft status of invitees can be lowered or raised significantly by how well they perform under a microscope, and just as importantly, adjust on the fly when getting coached up on the side.

How do fans make heads or tails of the action without being there? Of course, you can sift through various videos and clips on Youtube, but some of the camera angles and distances make it hard to be sure of what is truly happening. I’m actually surprised that the committee that runs the game doesn’t do a better job of filming/marketing the workout filming for home draftniks.

Another way is to scour a search engine and read the dozens of reports from the sports media that have traveled to Mobile, Alabama to cover it in-person. Well, I did that, or at least as well as I could. What follows is a consensus of how the sports media and draft pundits have reported the week’s work.

It’s not simply a list of shout outs, if a pundit/site listed a player a riser, player of the day, overall winner, or other verbiage that denotes a full workout of good work, it was noted. After three days these are the players that had the consensus top showing. Of course, I have added some opinion to prime the discussion pump.

Top 10 overall

22 - CB Quinyon Mitchell, Toledo

Already a well-known Day 2 prospect, most pundits think his showing vaulted him to the very top of cornerback rankings and is being considered a Round 1 player.

18 - C Jackson Powers-Johnson, Oregon

Even at a position of low draft value, his play sparked much Day 1 buzz. After being dominant in the first two workouts and considered “best of show”, he shut it down for the week with a strained hamstring.

18 - WR Roman Wilson, Michigan

Not a lot of college production in a workman-like offense, but just being from Michigan, you can believe he’s a top talent. Another “smallish” standout, but with all the stacks, motions, and four=wide NFL sets, slot receiver is no longer a limiting term.

18 - WR Ladd McConkey, Georgia

Youngster plays fast and has a grip on route running. The prototype of today’s NFL slot receiver. The word often used about his play this past week was “uncoverable’”.

16 - E/DE Darius Robinson, Mizzou

Another huge winner on the week. He backed up tremendous measurable’s with athleticism and on=field work. If he tests well, we’ll be talking about him with the Day 1 candidates.

16 - WR Ricky Pearsall, Florida

Not an unknown prospect, maybe just didn’t have the size/speed/length of Day 1 candidates. I have him in Round 3 and expect his stock to rise. His stellar work on routes and high floor will make him valuable.

14 - CB Cam Hart, Notre Dame

Has NFL size and length. Irish often put him on an island in coverage and pundits raved all week about his sticky coverage.

13 - RB Dylan Laube, New Hampshire

This year’s small-school draft crush showed athleticism and an all-around game. Likely not RB#1 material, although he could slide easily into a committee approach.

11 - T Taliese Fuaga, Oregon State

I have to be honest, I’ve been watching his game film and going to mark him down, not up. Not out of Round 1, but not a Top 10 pick. Still, the experts love his game.

11 - WR Malachi Corley, Western Kentucky

Many thought his production was all offensive scheme, glad to see him show out. I have him in Round 2, even though he’s not a physical presence, he can catch and run after.

Best of the rest by position

QB (7) Carter Bradley-South Alabama, (6) Spencer Rattler- South Carolina, (5) Michael Pratt- Tulane

Overall, the media was negative about the performance of big stars Michael Penix and Bo Nix. It was Bradley’s home field and I think it helped him navigate the winds, but he’s the son of a coach and deserves at least dome draft consideration after his week. I think Rattler is a fine prospect, just a touch small, but with pro grade game. Pratt is a nice mix of athleticism and leadership, but tier down from the top QB’s.

RB (9) Marshawn Lloyd-USC, (9) RB Cody Schrader-Mizzou, (8) Ray Davis-Kentucky

All three have made themselves money this week with their burst, blocking, and ability to catch the ball. It might be as much money because of the positional value, but they should all move up draft boards.

WR (10) Jamari Thrash-Louisville, (9) Brendan Rice-USC, (8) Xavier Legette-South Carolina

In a week when the smaller receivers stood out, the relatively-unknown Thrash was consistently was able to get separation and win catches. I had him as a Round 4 prospect, but if his testing can match this week’s effort, is late Round 2 out of the question? Rice was given plaudits for his hands and physicality at the catch point. Legette was stellar at all depth’s, with his hands and after the catch.

TE (8) Ben Sinnott-Kansas State, (7) Theo Johnson-Penn State., (4) Jaheim Bell- Florida State.

Not surprised at Sinnott, his overall game could make him the second TE taken. I have now seen a lot of film on Johnson and really like him, both he and Barner from Michigan are my faves. Bell strikes me as a TE#2, a third down or 12 formation player. Not fast, but a wiley receiver.

T (8) Tyler Guyton-Oklahoma, (5) Christian Jones-Texas, (4) Patrick Paul-Houston

I think these three are the biggest surprises. They all have the same physical attribute, they’re big, with stellar length, and have big, strong hands. Guyton and Paul will likely be drafted earlier, but I think will be projects. Jones is limited to the right side, I like his game and think he’s advanced over the others.

IOL (7) Christian Haynes-UConn, (6) Dominick Puni-Kansas, (6) Kingsley Egaukun-Florida

Haynes is built like ex-Ram Tremayne Anchrum, but has superior move skills. Been working hard this week at center, that might his best spot. Although Puni was a left tackle in a college move offense, his work this past week have come at center and guard and looked good doing it.

CB (10) Jarvis Brownlee-Louisville, (8) Max Melton-Rutgers, (8) Khyree Jackson-Oregon

Did anybody line himself up to make more money than Brownlee? I had him on the draft’s fringe and don’t recall anyone grading him much better. That will change. I liked Melton last year, but he didn’t come out. Jackson covered well all week and has top rate size and length, I like his possible versatility as a fit into the Rams secondary.

S (7) Javon Bullard-Georgia, (3) Cam Kinchens- Miami, (3) Kitan Oladapo-Oregon State

Bullard can play deep, box or in the slot with equal aplomb. Kinchens did enough to keep late Round 1/early Round 2 status. Be honest, who had Oladapo on their draft board? I had him as undrafted, looks like someone needs a deeper look.

ILB (5) Payton Wilson-North Carolina, (5) JD Bertrand-Notre Dame, (4) Jackson Sirmon-California

Wilson I have in Round 3, so I can understand, he’s got good speed, can tackle and hustle. Bertrand and Sirmon are another story. I had Bertrand as a late Round 6/early Round 7, basically on the draftable fringe. Never heard of Sirmon, obviously need to find out something about him.

E (9) Laitu Latu-UCLA, (6) Adissa Issac-Penn State, (5) Austin Booker-Kansas

Pundits raved about Latu’s speed and bend, many thought he was the best player out there. Issac is the lesser-known of Penn State edges, but has burst, length, and hustle. Booker is a project, although the young, red-shirt sophomore wasn’t a regular starter, his get off, length, and production are for real.

DT (8) T’Vondre Sweat-Texas, (8) Gabe Hall-Baylor, (7) Michael Hall-Ohio State

Sweat has a lot of potential and got a lot of run for one particular rep. Problem is the other reps where he got schooled didn’t get much play. He could lose 20 lbs. and still be a monolith. GHall was the big surprise, both big enough to play inside and active enough for the edge. MHall is what you expect from an Ohio State player, sound technique, hustle and some juice. He’s kinda got tweener size.


RB Michael Wiley- Arizona

I noticed his play when scouting Jordan Morgan, but didn’t get the breadth of his all-around game. I am now a fan and he would make an interesting addition to the Rams.

WR Javon Baker- Central Florida

Being a four-star Alabama recruit should be a hint of his game. I had a Round 5 grade on him and it appears that he’s on an upward swing. Fine all-around game. if he tests well, boom.

WR Ryan Flournoy Western Carolina

I noticed his name on other Big Boards and never watched any of his film. I should have at least peeked. He’s an FCS All-American and on Feldman’s Freaks list of top athletic specimens.

ILB Tyrice Knight- Texas, El Paso

Small-school tackle machine, just a bit short on measurable’s. Had a nose for the football all week and showed a well-rounded game.

Hybrid James Williams, Miami

I saw one game on film, he played a lot of deep safety and was un-impressed with his physicality. I wanted to like him as a coverage LB. During the week he worked out with LB’s and did coverage drills with the secondary.

Who will the Rams select?

It can be said with a fair amount of certainty that someone’s coming to L.A. Les Snead has taken a Senior Bowl player in every season (since 2912 draft) as Rams GM and had numerous multiple dives into the pool.

Darius Robinson would fit the “big” edge need. he’s got pass rush juice and would be a versatile piece for the defensive front. Cam Hart and Khyree Jackson would bring size and sticky coverage to the cornerback room and might be around in Round 3, Melton too. taking one would be a delicious double-dip after grabbing a top prospect at $19. All the receiver prospects would make a stellar WR#3.

Who would you consider?