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Could former Ram, Jared Goff, and Ben Johnson be a future package deal?

Jared Goff and Ben Johnson have delivered arguably the best season in Lion’s history. Could they be interested in keeping the partnership going longterm?

Syndication: Detroit Free Press Junfu Han / USA TODAY NETWORK

Former quarterback of the Los Angeles Rams and current quarterback of the Detroit Lions, Jared Goff, is coming off of one of the best season’s he’s had in his career. The offensive coordinator who has helped Goff put up some of his best performances is Ben Johnson. Johnson was recently interviewing and potentially being considered for head coaching positions, however he has made the decision to stay with the Lions. There is a chance that Johnson would not have been offered a head coaching position, but the decision is interesting nonetheless.

Johnson can wax potetically about his decisoin to stay in Detroit. He should. The Lions are coming off of getting to the NFC Championship Game, and they look like they could be a top team in the NFC (maybe the NFL) going forward. Certainly Johnson’s decision wasn’t easy, but he has a number of reasons, including his love for head coach Dan Campbell, to stay put in Detroit.

What if there is another person in Detroit who is causing Johnson to have doubts about leaving? Could that person be Goff?

Jared Goff is set to be an unrestricted free agent in 2025. What if Johnson is hoping for another chance to be a head coach in 2025? Could he be interested in seeing if Goff is a player that may be willing to follow Johnson to his new destination? There’s a billion variables.

In a league that has 32 teams, every decision made by every team can have an impact. Goff leaving the Lions would have repercussions throughout. Johnson taking a head coaching job would bring a new face to the forefront of the NFL.

Of course Goff and the Lions can work out a long term deal, but that didn’t stop the Rams from trading him before. Johnson being considered as a head coach this time next year may not even be feasible depending on how Detroit performs this upcoming season. One would think that Johnson needs to keep up Detroit’s high flying offense. As long as Goff is his starting quarterback then Goff and Johnson will continue to rely on each other.

Johnson needs to continue to lead a capable offense, and the fact that so far Johnson has been able to do that with Goff, makes me wonder could the two be hoping to keep this partnership going for year’s to come?

Whether this is likely or not you could also theorize that LA and Goff may be able to reunite when it’s time for Matthew Stafford to retire. Goff wanting to stay with Johnson would directly put a wrench in that plan.

Is there a rivalry heating up between the Rams and Lions? What if Goff and Johnson continue to have success in Detroit? What if Goff and Johnson take care of the Rams again in the postseason? Goff continuing to torment McVay and LA is a hard thought for fans (like me) to fathom, but here we are.

The question is, what is the future of the quarteback position for the Lions and Jared Goff? What is the future for Ben Johnson in the NFL? The answers to those questions could impact the Rams whether it’s an immeidate impact or a slow burn. One way or the other, there will be an impact. and I am curious how this particular situation will shake out.