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Super Bowl, 49ers-Chiefs: Game thread for Rams fans

This is it, what do you think of the Super Bowl?

NFL: Super Bowl LVIII-City Scenes Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Super Bowl LVIII is happening on Sunday afternoon: The “favored” San Francisco 49ers don’t seem to actually be favored by anyone, as the vast majority of media members I’ve seen and most of the friends I’ve talked to are picking the Kansas City Chiefs to win outright.

It’s not just because of Patrick Mahomes either, but the quarterback advantage doesn’t hurt.

The Chiefs have played better defense in the playoffs, they’ve defeated better teams, and they have successfully run the ball with Isiah Pacheco...who has the most simple “hard to spell” name that I’ve ever come across in my career. Even rookie receiver Rashee Rice has quietly found his niche, catching 80% of targets in the playoffs for 223 yards and averaging 8.9 yards per target and gaining 162 yards after the catch.

Still, the 49ers are favored and this is the most talented team that Kyle Shanahan has ever coached. Can he overcome his Super Bowl and fourth quarter demons this time?

Talk about all the pre-game, game, and post-game Super Bowl activities right here with your fellow Rams fans in the comments below.