My Updated Rams Draft Board on Super Bowl Weekend

We have reached the Super Bowl, but since the game is between some-team-up-north vs the Taylor Swift team, I'm calling it the Stupid Bowl and don't really care about the game. As a Rams fan, I've already mentally moved on to the offseason.

I've done a ton of draft profiles on players yet have only barely scratched the surface of the entire draft-eligible pool. If we estimate that there are about 550 to 600 prospects who at least have a shot at getting drafted and all the other players either are "try-out" guys or have no hope of getting invited to an NFL camp, then I've only done approximately 10% of the pool so far. My first report was nearly exactly 3 months ago. There are less than 3 months to go until the NFL draft. The math isn't difficult, there simply is no way I could cover even 1 out of 5 of the relevant draft prospects. The task is way too big for one person to tackle.

When you look at my board below, it is important to remember that upwards of 80 to 90% of the players are completely missing. I haven't studied them, so they aren't included. I did throw in a couple of names that I've watched but haven't profiled, because I feel I have enough of a handle on them to slot them in. There are other players that I like (e.g. Malachi Corley, DeWayne Carter, Cody Schrader) that aren't included on the board, because I don't have an actual grade for them. I like those guys enough to draft them for the Rams in simulations but don't technically know where I'd put them on the board. Don't assume that I don't like a prospect merely because his name doesn't appear on the board.

I didn't bother to rank any of the names below the 2nd round tier. Didn't seem necessary at this time. Also important to remember that a "3rd round grade" doesn't translate to being a 3rd round pick. I'm only using those numbers as a short hand way of dividing the players up into groups. I just as easily could have called the "1st round" group "80 point" players, then the "2nd round" would be "70 points" and so on, so forth. In other words, the players that I have listed as 4th round prospects, all those guys might be BPA when the Rams pick in the 3rd round. The 5th round players might have been in play if the Rams had a pick in the 4th round. There isn't some type of invisible wall that prohibits you from considering them earlier, just depends who else is left on the board.

First Round Tier

1. Chop Robinson

2. Bo Nix

3. Marvin Harrison Jr.

4. Brock Bowers

5. Ennis Rakestraw Jr.

6. Olu Fashanu

7. Max Melton

8. Taliese Fuaga

9. Laiatu Latu

10. Xavier Legette

Comments: If the Rams held the 2nd overall pick in this draft, I'd take Robinson at that slot. Do the Rams need an EDGE rusher? Does Robinson play EDGE? Are any of the other players I have listed 2 through 6 still in the board at 19? If the answer to the last question is "no" and Chop is there, why are we spending even a second thinking about any other player for the Rams?

Xavier Legette only measured 6'1'' tall at the Senior Bowl. He was listed at 6'3'' tall. Not the end of the world, Puka Nacua is basically 6'1 1/2'' tall, but that's why I have him last. Notice that Max Melton is a 4th round player on several boards. If I draft him in the 2nd round for the Rams, the simulator thinks it is a huge reach and a terrible pick.

Second Round Tier

11. Roman Wilson

12. Brian Thomas Jr.

13. Graham Barton

14. Troy Fautanu

15. Jackson Powers-Johnson

16. Jer'Zhan Newton

17. Kool-Aid McKinstry

18. Terrion Arnold

19. Jalen McMillan

20. Kingsley Suamataia

21. Jermaine Burton

22. Troy Franklin

23. Caelen Carson

24. Kam Kinchens

25. Johnny Wilson

Comments: Roman Wilson is a 5th round prospect on ESPN's board, the next to last WR listed. Only Malik Washington from Virginia is ranked lower. The last 4 names on this tier are all raw "boom or bust" type players. The BYU OT has upside and is very young, but he also might end up playing RT in the NFL and won't end up being a LT prospect.

I just wrote a profile about Jalen McMillan, a WR from Washington. He's a 4th round pick in some mocks and simulations. He might be BPA at the 2nd round slot for the Rams yet might still be on the board when the Rams pick in the compensatory part of the 3rd round.

Third Round Tier

Kiran Amegadjie, Joe Alt, Rome Odunze, Jared Verse, Sedrick Van Pran, Ladd McConkey, Blake Fisher, Tyler Nubin, Kamari Lassiter, Edgerrin Cooper

Comments: Remember, these players aren't in any particular order. The Yale left tackle is coming off a major injury and played at the Ivy League level. He's raw with some technical flaws, but in my opinion, he has a higher ceiling than Joe Alt. I'm not even convinced Alt's permanent NFL position will be LT, he might have to flip over to the other side and play RT.

Rome Odunze could be a top 10 overall pick. Notice that not only do I have his teammate Jalen McMillan ranked higher, the 2 players aren't even on the same tier.

Fourth Round Tier

Cooper DeJean, Michael Hall Jr., Ricky Pearsall Jr., Adonai Mitchell, Braelon Allen, Christian Haynes, MarShawn Lloyd, Jeremiah Trotter Jr., Xavier Worthy, Amarius Mims, Patrick Paul, Tommy Eichenberg, Zach Frazier, Cooper Beebe, Blake Corum, Braden Fiske

Comments: The Iowa CB is an inexperienced CB who isn't good at covering WRs and isn't good at tackling. So, why is that guy a 1st round prospect? He might end up playing S in the pros, which is fine, but John Johnson of the Rams was a compensatory 3rd round pick.

Several mocks in the 2nd round have given the Rams Zach Frazier the WVU center. Frazier isn't a particularly big center. He's smaller than Tyler Biadasz, who was a 4th round pick.

Frazier: 6'2 5/8'' tall, 314 pounds, 32 3/8'' arms, 78 5/8'' wing, 10 3/4'' hands

Biadasz: 6'3 5/8'' tall, 314 pounds, 32 1/4'' arms, 79 7/8'' wing, 10'' hands

I think that Frazier is a solid player and he'll be a starter in the NFL, but is he really worth a 2nd round pick?

Fifth Round Tier

Payton Wilson, Dominick Puni, Tyler Guyton, Chau Smith-Wade, Jordan Morgan, Cole Biship, Marist Liufau, Darius Robinson, Ben Sinnott, Cade Stover, Brandon Coleman, Will Shipley, Michael Pratt, Devaughn Vele, Trey Benson, Brennan Jackson, Delmar Glaze

Comments: Darius Robinson has been mocked in the 1st round lately. Tyler Guyton and Jordan Morgan also have been commonly mocked in the 1st round. Nearly all of these players are likely to be gone by the 5th round, so it could become a "do not reach early" list more than a list of targets for the Rams.

The wildcard is Devaughn Vele, a very old WR who is so far off the draft radar that his name doesn't even appear on almost all of the draft boards.

Late Round Tier

Jonathon Brooks, Rasheen Ali, Tip Reiman, Tanner McLachlan, AJ Barner, Erick All, Malik Mustapha, Marshawn Kneeland, Beau Brade

Comments: I didn't list guys that I graded as UDFAs. Sometimes, I draft Kneeland for the Rams if he's available in the 5th rd, but I see him as a 4-3 DE, not a great fit if we stick with a 3-man front.

So, there it is, this is what is going through my head when I do the draft simulators for the Rams.