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Which Rams should make Pro Bowl? Fan Voting leaves off key players

The NFL released the results from Pro Bowl fan-voting and several Rams were left out

Los Angeles Rams v New York Giants Photo by Dustin Satloff/Getty Images

The NFL will announce the NFC and AFC player rosters for the 2024 Pro Bowl on Wednesday evening. While the Pro Bowl isn’t what it once was, it’s still an accolade for the players. Fan-voting by positions was released and key Los Angeles Rams players were left off many of the positional top-10 lists.

Fan-voting currently makes of 25 percent weight in the overall process along with players and coaches, fans, and a smaller group that uses an analytic standard agreed upon by all sides. For the Rams, only Aaron Donald and Puka Nacua landed in the top-10 at their positions, coming in at eighth and ninth respectively. Including just those two players leaves out a lot of Rams players who deserve a Pro Bowl nod. Outside of Donald and Nacua, here’s who should make the Pro Bowl.

1. RB Kyren Williams

This one should be obvious. Kyren Williams should have won enough people their fantasy leagues to be included in the fan-voting, yet here we are. Williams is tied for fourth in rushing touchdowns and second in rushing yards behind Christian McCaffrey despite missing four games.

Hopefully the players and media outweigh the fan-voting. However, for Williams to be left off Breece Hall who ranks 22nd in rushing yards and only has four rushing touchdowns is an abomination. Williams has been one of the best running backs in the NFL this season and should be rewarded as such.

2. LB Ernest Jones

Jones is one of the more underrated linebackers and is simply a name that many don’t recognized. There’s no reason Jones should be behind Bobby Wagner other than name recognition. He's one of, if not the best, blitzing linebackers in the NFL. He ranks fourth among inside linebackers in tackles for loss this season.

The Rams linebackers set a franchise record in tackles, despite missing a game. His 145 tackles this season is tied for the seventh-most in the NFL. Jones has been a top-10 linebacker in 2023. He likely won’t get the recognition from players and the media either, but that shouldn’t take away from what has been a very good season.

3. QB Matthew Stafford

There have been times this season where Stafford has looked like one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. Some of his throws outside the hashes have been elite level. However, he’s not in the top-10 in Pro Bowl fan-voting. That’s fine as many fans aren’t able to watch all of the games. With that said, Stafford ranks sixth in yards, 10th in touchdowns, and sixth in QBR.

Yet, Stafford is behind Justin Fields, who the Chicago Bears are debating on whether or not they should replace this offseason. Jalen Hurts hasn’t thrown for 4,000 yards and has thrown the third-most interceptions. Stafford has been a quarterback that hasn’t gotten the respect that he’s deserved much of his career. He’s made just one Pro Bowl. That looks like it may remain the same in 2023.

4. RG Kevin Dotson

Offensive line Pro Bowl voting is seriously a popularity contest as it is mostly based on name recognition when it comes to the fans. There aren’t any offensive lineman stats readily available even with PFF. Since getting the start in Week 5, Dotson is the fourth-highest graded guard according to PFF. His run-blocking grade ranks fifth.

Dotson has helped completely change the trajectory of the Rams offensive line and might be in line for best player acquisition via trade this season. If Dotson does not make the Pro Bowl, there is the silver lining that he may be cheaper this offseason when the Rams are looking to re-sign him.