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Who is your favorite non-Rams quarterback of all-time?

Tell us which QB you’ve admired more than anyone else, non-Rams edition

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at St. Louis Rams Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

In casually polling friends this week to ask them who their favorite quarterback of all-time is who did not play for their favorite team, the name Michael Vick was at least mentioned 100% of the time.

Vick, who played for the Falcons from 2001-2006, the Eagles from 2009-2013, and as I’ve forgotten, the Jets in 2014 and Steelers in 2015, did not have the best career but did impact more young football fans in the early-to-mid 2000s and again with Philadelphia than probably any other quarterback of his era.

Because above all else, we just want to be entertained.

That’s why my favorite quarterback in the league today on any team would have to be Josh Allen. No matter what else happens in the game, you know that a Bills game is going to be entertaining because any Josh Allen throw could be a score...for either team.

And funny enough, Josh Allen is actually one of the BEST playoff quarterbacks of all-time. Despite his reputation and his high volume of interceptions in the regular season, Allen’s career postseason passer rating is 100 and he has 21 passing touchdowns, five rushing touchdowns, and only four interceptions. It’s the Bills that have let Allen down, not the other way around.

For today’s community discussion, who is YOUR favorite non-Rams quarterback either now or all-time?