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Is Sean McVay the best coach in the NFC?

Where does Rams’ Sean McVay rank among NFC head coaches?

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Los Angeles Rams Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles are expected to retain Nick Sirianni. The Dallas Cowboys are keeping Mike McCarthy. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, New Orleans Saints, Chicago Bears, and New York Giants have all but guaranteed that they’re keeping their head coaches too.

Is this a sign that the Los Angeles Rams continue to have a major coaching advantage over their NFC counterparts?

Is Sean McVay the best head coach in the NFC?

“How to rank head coaches” is a complicated question because the job of a coach extends from their decisions on game day to the interpersonal relationships that they’re able to build and maintain throughout the offseason and seven days a week.

So while the ability to draw up the best game plan and to know exactly when to go for it and when to punt, or when to pass and when to run, is very important in the job description, maybe we judge head coaches by their wins because we feel that’s the ultimate outcome of how successful they are at what they do.

A head coach is usually hired to win games and reach Super Bowls.

Sean McVay’s been very good at that part of the job.

Since 2017, the Rams have won 70 games, which tied for the fifth-most in the NFL in that time, and reached two Super Bowls with one championship.

The only NFC team that has won more games than the Rams since 2017 is the New Orleans Saints, and they haven’t reached a Super Bowl since 2009 and also the coach who won those games isn’t there anymore.

McVay, #1 in the NFC

I would rank the NFC coaches like this:

1-Sean McVay, Rams

With 70 wins, two Super Bowls, one championship, and five playoff appearances since 2017, the rest of the NFC needs to catch up to McVay right now.

2-Kyle Shanahan, 49ers

If the 49ers win the Super Bowl, it will certainly bolster Shanahan’s argument for being number one.

3-Matt LaFleur, Packers

Getting to the second round of the playoffs in Jordan Love’s first season, while certainly aided by the fact that Green Bay is in the NFC (they wouldn’t have made the playoffs in the AFC unless maybe if they were in the AFC South), is LaFleur’s best accomplishment yet. I won’t discredit the fact that LaFleur has still coached in two NFC Championships since 2019.

4-Dan Campbell, Lions

Now that he’s added an NFC Championship appearance to his belt, if not soon more, Campbell’s backed up his words with actions.

5-Mike McCarthy, Cowboys

It’s crazy that people are calling for Mike McCarthy to be fired after winning 36 games in three seasons, but don’t say boo about coaches who have done far less like Eberflus and Robert Saleh.

6-Kevin O’Connell, Vikings

First season, 13-4. Second season, it’s amazing that Minnesota won three games with Josh Dobbs and Jaren Hall.

7-Nick Sirianni, Eagles

Quite obviously doing worse than McCarthy, for one.

8-Todd Bowles, Buccaneers

Bowles couldn’t win games in the AFC East, so he took a page from Tom Brady: Go to the NFC South!

9-Matt Eberflus, Bears

Maybe he doesn’t deserve to be fired. But Eberflus is an interesting choice to start the Caleb Williams era. He might hire Kliff Kingsbury as OC for that reason.

10-Brian Daboll, Giants

Probably did more to deserve to be fired than anyone else on this list.

11-Dennis Allen, Saints

12-Jonathan Gannon, Cardinals

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What are your head coach rankings and where is McVay?