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Would the Rams consider drafting this Notre Dame RB to pair with Kyren Williams?

LA might be interested having another running back in the rotation. Could Audric Estime be a candidate?

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NCAA Football: Notre Dame at Stanford D. Ross Cameron-USA TODAY Sports

Could Audric Estime be the next Notre Dame running back to carve his name onto the Los Angeles Rams roster? Kyren Williams, also from Notre Dame, took lead back duties by force. Williams did little in his rookie season, due to injury, but was a revelation in his sophmore campaign. It’s William’s injury concerns that could cause LA to look elsewhere at the position. Estime could be a name to consider.

Anyone can see he’s on PFF’s Top RB list for the 2024 draft. I believe at this time (depending where you look and I just went with PFF) he’s projected to go around pick 106. That would put him in the third or fourth round depending on how the board falls. Every draft board and all of this speculation can change drastically between now and April. We know that.

One thing that stands out to me is that he went to Notre Dame. LA seemed to have recent success drafting Williams from the same school, so I don’t think it’s out of the question they’d consider looking there again. It’s not only his college football program that could have the Rams interested, it’s his play too that makes the young player intriguing.

You can watch at least 15 minutes worth Estime hightlights. I didn’t have my magnifying glass out, but I was impressed with what I saw. At a certain point in the 15 minute video one of the annoucers says that the young running back “prides himself on not going down after the first two.” I am assuming they mean first two tacklers and that absolutely shows. He weaves and forces his way through traffic. Estime shows he’s the type of back that you can hand the ball off to and watch work.

Credit the Notre Dame offensive line and the playcalling for his success too. Either way, Estime shows all sorts of moves and power on his own with the ball in his hands.

Will his game translate against NFL talent? He seemed to excel against the talent in front of him and that is all that can be asked. He shows balance, he hits the hole, he literally is jumping over players while keeping his feet. I would assume there’s going to be plenty of measurements and “experts” who disect his film. We should get a better sense on if and where he gets drafted as time goes on, but keep Audric Estime in the back of your mind as he’s projected to go somewhere. Could it be sunny Los Angeles?