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Random Ramsdom: Matthew Stafford mic’d up calling out Kerby Joseph

Los Angeles Rams News and Links for 1/19/24

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Tyer Higbee was seriously hurt in the Los Angeles Rams playoff game against the Detroit Lions. There’s been footage of Stafford calling out Kerby Joseph, the player who landed the devastating hit on Higbee, and it’s pretty epic NFL action. You can watch the clip below as long as you can handle the adult language, and the hit itself. Again, you have been warned that there is some adult language used. It’s to be expexted in such an emotional situation. Was the hit dirty? That depends how you define “dirty”. Was the hit legal? I think it is, and maybe the NFL should look at the ruling, but I honestly don’t know. The NFL is violent. Violent hits happen. Some are dirty and some aren’t but both can be “legal.”

Mics Caught Matthew Stafford Berating Lions’ Kerby Joseph for ‘Dirty’ Hit (

“Many fans immediately called Joseph out for a similar hit on Minnesota Vikings tight end T.J. Hockenson in Week 16 that also resulted in a serious knee injury. Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford had the same reaction, except he was able to confront Joseph directly on the field.

In a video clip circulating on social media Wednesday night, Stafford is caught by NFL Films microphones calling Joseph out for the hit, saying he was “dirty as f---.”

“Hey! Hey! That’s a good hit. That’s a good hit. You dirty as f---, though, and you know it,” Stafford yelled at Joseph after the play. “You dirty as f---. It’s been on tape. I’ve seen it. It’s been on tape.”

The “tape” Stafford refers to is presumably Joseph’s hit on Hockenson three weeks earlier. Officials did not call Joseph for a penalty on either play.”

The reality of it is that the playoff game was not kind to the Rams. There’s reports of Kelly Stafford saying that some of the Lions fans booed her family. I have to think that a select few ruin the experience for the majority and that most Lions fans were loud but respectful. We obviously shouldn’t be booing famlies at a game. It’s unfortunate that a sport so many of us love can have these unpleasant (to say the least) events. It’s important to talk about all aspects of football sometimes, and fan behavior is a part of that. Good or bad.

Do I think Rams fans are perfect? Of course I do, we are Rams fans. Do I think the Rams ever play dirty? They would never.

We all have offseason to talk about what seems like a bright future for the Rams. but at the very least I wanted to share this video and bring up the topic(s). Please comment on whatever you’d like and enjoy your Friday.

Matthew Stafford’s wife Kelly says her children cried when Lions fans booed her and husband (usatoday)

“But Stafford’s wife, Kelly, said the booing wasn’t just exclusive to her husband, saying she and her children were booed by the home crowd. On her Instagram story, Kelly Stafford commented on the fan response to her and her family’s return to Detroit.

“It’s sports,” Kelly wrote. “The city wants to win. Everything is fair game. Except the fans who booed my children.”

Stafford also said other than the booing she loved the atmosphere inside Ford Field for Detroit’s 24-23 win, as the booing added more fuel to the fire for her husband.”

Eric Henderson hired by USC as Co-Defensive Coordinator/Defensive Line Coach/Run Game Coordinator (

“He’s been awesome,” Rams head coach Sean McVay said Wednesday. “Came here in 2019, basically established his own culture within the defensive line room. He’s had a really good track record of developing people, building relationships with our players. I think there’s a toughness, there’s an identity that we played with on the defensive line that is a real credit to him. It was a unique opportunity, and this was something that came up a few weeks ago. Obviously, we love Eric Henderson and think the world of him, but I think it was one of those opportunities where he got a chance to work with some previous relationships. Obviously, SC’s an incredible program. I think very highly of (USC Head Coach) Lincoln (Riley) and what those guys will continue to do there. It was a good chance for he and his family to do something that was in alignment with some of his goals.”