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Here’s who I believe the Rams would pick if the NFL Draft was today

Is offensive tackle Amarius Mims the top choice for the L.A. Rams?

Capital One Orange Bowl - Georgia v Florida State Photo by Rich Storry/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Rams are picking 19th overall in the upcoming 2024 NFL Draft and while not much is known about free agency and who won’t and will be on the Rams in 2024 leading up to the draft, one thing is for certain: The Rams could use some offensive line depth long term.

That’s why I believe that if the draft were held today, Les Snead would turn in his draft card for tackle Amarius Mims out of Georgia.

I believe the Rams are going to trade down from 19th overall in the draft and acquire an additional day two pick but I still believe they will be able to do that and acquire Mims, which is the direction I believe they would go in.


For starters, Mims is a brute standing at 6-foot-7 and 340 pounds. The Rams seem to have changed up their archetype this past year after the draft selection of the second round pick out of TCU, Steve Avila. Avila weighs over 330 pounds and is perfect for the new gap run scheme the Rams have pushed.

Mims would make sense for that and plenty other reasons.

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Mims’ athleticism is top notch for the position. He moves very well and is explosive out of his stance. Not only does he carry that crazy frame well, he is a natural and fluid mover in space. The flexibility to me is what stands out on film, it makes me feel like he will be able to work protecting Matthew Stafford’s blindside against virtually any edge defender. In only seven games played this past year he only allowed two pressures and was second per Pro Football Focus in pass protection efficiency rating of the qualified tackles.

Pass Protection

Mims is great as a pass protector but he does need to improve in the run game. He needs to play with more bend when he goes out in space. The angles he takes aren’t as ideal when trying to get to the second level and can take himself out of the play altogether. You like effort such as what Mims shows in the run game but he’s not quite there yet to feel confident in his ability finishing in space at the second level. That, however, has nothing to do his sheer power because he can absolutely body defenders, it’s all about the angles and the spacial awareness.

Red Flags

The biggest concern with Mims is lack of experience and his injury history. He’s only had eight starts in his career and had an ankle injury that lingered in 2023. The thing is though these are how talented players with rare athleticism and size combinations fall into your lap. Obviously, if Mims didn’t have his injuries and was a three year starter he’s probably going top 10. However, when you pick 19th this is what you are looking at.

I believe Mims would be the pick if the draft was today because the Rams like Alaric Jackson and they like Joseph Noteboom but long term if you asked executives inside the organization if they viewed either as the long term franchise left tackle they would say no. Jackson had a very good second half of the season and Noteboom was a valuable sixth-man. Mims would have potentially five years with the team before they had to give him the big contract extension and he would be around a player that he could learn from in Rob Havenstein and a great coaching staff headlined by offensive line coach Ryan Wendell and legendary consultant Mike Munchak.

The great thing about this Mims selection is that he can either win the starting job over Jackson if they bring Jackson back this off-season or he can sit behind Jackson and the Rams will know they have a guy they can develop into a long-term franchise piece. Mims is 21 and would be 22 by the time the next season started, the Rams have drafted from Georgia before, what better way to spend a first round pick than to shore up your left tackle spot and lock it up for the next half decade at least. If you trust your coaching staff enough you make this move and I think the Rams do.