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Sean McVay says Rams coaching staff will stay intact, but doesn’t mean they won’t leave

Which Rams coaches could leave Sean McVay this offseason?

Los Angeles Rams v Los Angeles Chargers Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images

Every offseason, the Los Angeles Rams coaching staff is seemingly purged by other teams. While Sean McVay said in his postseason press conference that he wouldn’t be making any changes, that doesn’t mean other teams in the NFL won’t have other plans. Said McVay, “If there are changes, it will only be for better opportunities.”

Here are the Rams coaches that have the best chances of leaves for other teams this offseason. It’s worth noting that the team already lost defensive line coach Eric Henderson to USC as the assistant defensive coordinator.

Raheem Morris - Defensive Coordinator

Morris has been a hot candidate this coaching cycle. The Rams defensive coordinator has been requested for interviews from the Atlanta Falcons, Carolina Panthers, Los Angeles Chargers, Seattle Seahawks, and Washington Commanders. It’s no guarantee that Morris will leave or get hired, but he is among the candidates with the most head coaching interviews.

McVay said that he would wait to replace Henderson until Morris’ future is decided. If Morris doesn't leave, he will likely be back as the Rams defensive coordinator. The Panthers officially interviewed Morris for their head coach position on Wednesday.

Zac Robinson - QB Coach/Passing Game Coordinator

Robinson will likely get some offensive coordinator buzz around the league as he has spent the last five years in various positions on the Rams’ offensive staff. Most recently, he was the quarterbacks coach and pass game coordinator the last two seasons.

Robinson has already been requested by the New Orleans Saints for their offensive coordinator position and it wouldn’t be surprising if a team like the Chicago Bears requested him at some point as well. If Robinson doesn’t join another coaching staff, he will likely be an offensive coordinator candidate for Raheem Morris if he gets hired as a head coach. It would not

Mike Munchak - Consultant

In an ideal scenario, the Rams are able to retain Munchak in his consulting role. With that being said, after spending the season as a consultant with the Rams and helping improve their offensive line, he may get opportunities elsewhere.

The question here is what sort of position Munchak would be looking for in his next stop? There’s no question that he’s earned a full-time opportunity elsewhere. However, does he want to be an offensive line coach or is he content with just consulting on the Rams’ staff and helping out where needed? Losing Munchak would be an underrated loss for the Rams and they would likely prefer to have him stick around.

Zak Kromer - Assistant Offensive Line Coach

Kromer was promoted to be the assistant offensive line coach for the Rams last season after spending the previous two years as an offensive assistant. A team looking to add an offensive line coach could look to hire Kromer and bring him on to their staff.

With that said, Kromer does have experience elsewhere as well. He’s helped coach the Rams tight ends and helped with their running game. Given his family name, he may also generate some buzz given that his dad is the offensive line coach of the Buffalo Bills. Kromer may be looking to take that next step in his career and will be someone that not only other teams consider, but Morris if he were to leave for a head coach position.

Jimmy Lake - Assistant Head Coach

Lake was the assistant defensive backs coach in Tampa Bay back in 2007 when Morris was the defensive backs coach. He was then promoted as the defensive backs coach when Morris was the head coach in 2010 and 2011. It would not be a surprise if Morris leaves that he tries to bring Lake with him.

At the same time, Lake could be a candidate to replace Morris as he was the defensive coordinator and head coach at Washington from 2018-2021. With that said, the most likely scenario here is that Lake is a defensive coordinator candidate for Morris at his next stop.

Honorable Mention: Chris Shula - Linebackers Coach

The final candidate here to leave would be Shula who has been with the Rams for each of the past seven seasons. The question here is whether or not he would leave McVay. Both coaches have a long history as they were teammates at Miami (OH). With that said, as a key member of the Rams defensive staff, he may be someone that would leave with Morris.