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Sean McVay talks after Rams lose to the Lions in wild-card round

The head coach addresses Jared Goff, the officiating and more in his latest post-game presser.

NFL: NFC Wild Card Round-Los Angeles Rams at Detroit Lions Lon Horwedel-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Rams lost to the Detroit Lions on Sunday Night Football and LA’s head coach spoke with media members after the dissapointing defeat. The head coach reflects that the Rams had opportunities to win this game, he talks about the officiating but minimally as he explains that he doesn’t want to say the wrong thing, and McVay praises Jared Goff and the Lions for earning the win. The Rams expected to win today and wanted to see their positive season continue, but instead their season is coming to an abrupt end. You either win the Super Bowl or you go home dissapointed. This year, like most years, the Rams will be going home dissapointed, but they should be encouraged, and they should be proud.

The outcome is unpleasant, but the journey has been a fun one as LA surprised many “experts” and showed that you should never count out McVay and his team. Let’s see some of what the head coach had to say in his last post-game press conference of the season.

The head coach starts and gives the Lions credit and respect, but McVay also comes away with the notion that LA could’ve won this game. The final score was 24-23. This one absolutely could’ve gone either way. Regardless of any outcome this year LA’s head coach has expressed love for this team througout the season, and he does it again here.

“Thought we had our chances, but I’m so proud of this football know the finality of it is doesn’t totally resonate, but man did I learn a lot, and really appreciate this group. You know, they...they helped me find my way again, and how much I love this.”

Again, the head coach feels like the Rams could’ve won this one.

“Thought there was some opportunities for us to be able to come away with that game.”

McVay bluntly points out that the Lions were better in key areas like the redzone whereas LA found themselves coming up short.

“I think the difference in the game was the red area. We were 0 for 3, they were 3 for 3.”

The Rams head coach does spend some time in this interview address questions involving the officiating and answering some questions about what LA could’ve done differently, but McVay really gvies credit to the Lions who played a better game when it mattered most.

“Hat’s off to the Lions for finding a way to get that done. I got nothing but respect for that group.”

Can the Rams build upon what they have? Will LA be able to improve for next year? The head coach seems to feel that the team has a chance take another step forward, however that won’t happen automatically.

“I think there’s a lot of things that we can build on, but you gotta do it.”

McVay is asked if he regrets punting the ball back to the Lions in the closing moments of the game. Goff and Detroit would end up not giving the ball back to LA after this punt, and in hindsight LA’s offensive playcaller expresses that he should’ve done things differently.

“Still having a timeout and four minutes, the way our defense was playing we were hopeful to get a stop...hindsight’s 20/20 and certainly regret that decision now.”

I found it difficult to hear the question, but McVay seems asked about the officiating and if that played a role in LA’s losing outcome. This question is most likely in reference to Puca Nakua looking held on Matthew Stafford’s last pass of the day. The head coach doesn’t choose to say anything here and gives praise to the Lions.

“I don’t want to say anything right now that gets me in trouble, so...I don’t want to take away the credit for what the Lions found a way, you know, hat’s off to them.”

McVay praises Nacua up and down calling him a “stud” and a “warrior.” LA’s head coach seem to feel the sky is the limit for the young rookie receiver.

“If he just continues to stay humble and keep working this guy’s going to be a problem for a long time.”

McVay also offers praise to his former quarterback, Jared Goff, who played a phenomenal game. Goff was a huge reason that the Rams are going home without needing to worry about playing another game until next season. McVay also interestingly ties his answer into praising Stafford and expressing that he is the best quarterback for McVay and the Rams.

“I’m really happy for him...obviously we wanted to come away with the win, but...he’s done a great job and I think the grit, the resilience, and you know the way that he’s done his thing over the last three years...I’m happy for Jared. I certainly am appreciative of the four years we had together, and I wouldn’t want anyone else as our quarterback other than Matthew Stafford.”

It does appear that the Rams are expecting Stafford back next year.

“We would have never been in this situation without Matthew Stafford’s leadership, his guidance, his resilience, he was one of the main catalysts for what was right about this football team. I know he’ll be excited about coming back next year as well.”

The head coach appears to be asked again about the officiating, and specifically the questionable no-call on LA’s last offensive play of the day. McVay again doesn’t say much.

“I don’t want to sit here and complain, but...what’d you see?”

It does appear that Mcvay felt a call could’ve been made, but it wasn’t and McVay doesn’t want to be fined. If you coach long enough in the NFL there is a high chance that the officiating will help you win some games, and other times it may aid in your defeat. McVay chooses not to get into specifics here to avoid any issue with the league.

“There you go. I’m not gonna get in trouble either.”

McVay does feel that his team handled preparing for this playoff game the right way and he feels the team specifically handled the crowd noise well. There is nothing else like playoff football in the NFL.

“I thought we handled that really was an incredible atmosphere, the fans, they were booing my ass when I walked out. There were all fired up, and I loved it. It’s what’s great about NFL football this city’s a great football city, and so nothing but respect.”

Will LA be able to use this experience to benefit themsevles going into the next season? The coach expresses that the Rams do have an opporutnity to improve, but they will be losing some good players through free agency or whatever can happen in the offseason. Right now the coach wants to make sure each player knows how much he appreciates them for their efforts, and once again gives his flowers to the Lions who will be playing again next week.

“I think you gotta use it the right way, but I think our guys also know that...every singe year you reset. You want to continue to grow, gotta do a great job of who want to be able to move forward with, who we want to onboard, I think that was a key factor for why we were able to get back to, you know, get back to doing some of the decent things that we were able to do, but it’s all about the right I think right now what I want to make sure is is that these guys feel the appreciation on my end for what they did, and...tonight was tough, but like I said, ton of respect for Dan Campbell and that, that team, they came out they were ready to go, and you see why they’ve won 13 games this year.”

No more Rams games this year. No more post-game press conferences from Sean McVay this season. You either win the Super Bowl or your season ends with a bitter taste. LA was able to extend their play beyond the regular season, but this is as far as they go. Now McVay and the Rams can cleanup the facility, express their thank yous and goodbyes and get ready for next season. That’s the business of the NFL and it sure seems like a business that McVay and Stafford plan to work in for at least another year.

Thank you for a great year Coach McVay and everyone! Let’s see what they can cook up over the course of the offseason and let’s wait and see if LA can find a way back into the playoffs soon. Until then, we still have some playoff football to enjoy, and an eventual champion to see hoist the Lombardi.