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Where will Rams pick in 2024 NFL Draft?

After losing to Lions in wild card round, Rams season is over and it’s time to think of the draft

NFL: NFC Wild Card Round-Los Angeles Rams at Detroit Lions David Reginek-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Rams season is over after losing to the Detroit Lions 24-23 in Sunday night’s wild card round, so you’re probably asking yourself where do they draft in the first round? We do not know the exact number yet but we have an idea of the range.

The Rams will pick between either 19th or 20th depending on the outcomes of Bucs-Eagles on Monday. If the Bucs win, then L.A.’s pick will be 19th because the Rams will be the wild card team that had the worst record in 2023. If the Bucs lose, then they’ll be in the wild card losers range for the draft order and will pick 19th, which slots L.A. at 20th.

So to re-state that:

  • Bucs win, Rams pick 19th
  • Eagles win, Rams pick 20th

There is no silver lining to lose a playoff game, usually, but maybe it is a slight win that the Rams would get the best possible draft pick for any team that made the postseason.