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Rams-Lions final score: L.A.’s wonderful season comes to an end

Detroit won their first playoff game in over 20 years.

Syndication: Detroit Free Press Junfu Han / USA TODAY NETWORK

The Los Angeles Rams lost to the Detroit Lions by a final score of 24-23 on Sunday Night Football. This was a win or go home game and both teams had plenty to play for. Matthew Stafford returned to Detroit as an opposing quarterback for the first time. Jared Goff had a chance to eliminate his former team who traded him away for Stafford. Head coaches Sean McVay and Dan Campbell had their teams ready to go for this one as both teams played each other tight, and the close score throughout the game reflected that.

Let’s see some of the key plays that determined the outcome of this wild wild-card game.

The Lions got the scoring going with a David Montgomery rushing score. LA’s defense struggled to contain the Detroit offense for much of the first half.

The Rams would also move the ball, but they struggled finding the endzone for the first part of the game and this allowed Detroit to take an early two score lead.

LA would respond with a score of their own when Stafford would find Puca Nakua who had himself a a monster game.

Goff kept his team in this game as he made throw after throw in the first half.

Stafford would get a bit banged up in this contest as he took a few big hits, but his toughness was on display throughout this one as he, like Goff, also made huge throws to keep LA competetive.

In the second half the scoring slowed down a bit as the Rams offense struggled to capitilize and score touchdowns in the redzone. Detroit led 24-23 with over eight minutes to go in the fourth quarter. The Lions offense cooked in the first half, but in the second half LA’s defense was able to apply some pressure on Goff who finally missed some throws. LA had a chance for a go ahead score with about five minutes remaining, but instead they would be forced to punt after falling out of field goal range.

Goff was given a golden opportunity to stick it to his former team as the Lions had the lead and a chance to chew out the clock for the win. Goff would do exactly that. It was a great season for LA, but the Lions will move on and continue what has been a better season. There will be plenty to talk about this week, but for right now LA’s season is over.

Thank you to the fans and commentors. Looks like we’ll have to wait until next season for another final score post. Thank you Rams for a great season. We’ll be cheering you on even in the offseason!