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Random Ramsdom: What are your wild card predictions?

Eminem begs Matthew Stafford to let Lions win

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at San Francisco 49ers Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Rams return to the playoffs on Sunday, facing the Detroit Lions in a destined battle between historic trade partners. What are your final score predictions for the games? Share them in the comments below.

Los Angeles Rams hope kicker woes won’t doom them

The Rams rank last in the NFL in special teams DVOA and have missed 16 combined field goals and extra points, the most of any team this season.

Six of those field goal misses and two missed extra points were by kicker Brett Maher, who the Rams signed during the offseason, but cut after a 24-17 loss in Week 7 to the Pittsburgh Steelers. In that game, he missed two field goals and an extra point. The Rams replaced him with Lucas Havrisik, who has missed five field goals and three extra points in nine games for Los Angeles.

Rams vs. Lions Wild Card Playoffs Preview: NFL History Made

It’s the first time in NFL postseason history that the starting quarterbacks are both facing their former teams.

“We had a good relationship,” Donald said. “I reached out to him and told him I’m proud of him... what they’ve been accomplishing and what he’d been doing. I said, ‘I’ll see you Sunday night.’ He said, ‘Appreciate you, brother. I’ll see you Sunday night.’ It’s going to be fun.”

Keys to the Game, Plus Players To Watch

Lean on the Passing Game

The Rams were discredited from being legitimate contenders by many media members coming into the season.

QB Matthew Stafford was coming off of an injury-riddled season, and the team was being forced to turn to many young players as core pieces on both the offensive and defensive side of the ball.

It wasn’t being viewed as a rebuild by those outside the organization, but many saw 2023 as a retooling year that could help set L.A. up to make a significant run again in 2024.

However, even the Rams probably didn’t expect to find the amount of success that they had this year.