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Random Ramsdom: Check out this motivation tactic for LA

Los Angeles Rams News and Links for 1/11/24

NFL: Super Bowl LVI-Super Bowl Winning Coach and MVP Press Conference Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I cannot confirm that this true or not but if anyone from the Los Angeles Rams organization is out there, I would be happy to come to the locker room to be a firsthand source for this. According to the tweet below the Rams have the Lombardi Trophy in the locker room. I would guess it’s prominently displayed. Talk about keeping your eye on the prize! I feel like I just finished writing a TMZ article with that one liner.

Thanks for checking out some links today during playoff week. Let’s hope for some more Rams playoff weeks. Please comment on whatever you’d like and have a great day!

We’ll keep waiting all week for Sunday night!

Why the 49ers won’t face the Rams in the Divisional round (ninersnation)

“We have seen how games go when Goff has to shoulder the workload. He threw three interceptions earlier this season at home against the Bears. Just a couple of weeks ago, Goff had a pair of interceptions. The Rams have to take advantage of the “Goff moment.”

Why the 49ers won’t face the Rams

This season has been the best coaching job of McVay’s career. The Rams were picked to finish with the fourth-worst record in the NFC. They were supposed to look like the New York Giants at 6-11 this year.

That’s why I think the Cinderella story is over.

In Week 17, the Giants gained 389 yards against the Rams. New York missed a 54-yard field goal with 34 seconds remaining in a 26-25 game.

The Rams beat the Saints, Commanders, Browns, Cardinals, and the Seahawks during their winning streak. That was Joe Flacco’s first start in Cleveland.

The Lions are a step up in class for the Rams. Detroit isn’t going to forget how to score without LaPorta.”

2024 NFL wild-card playoff picks: Rams stun Lions in Detroit, Cowboys cruise past Packers, Chiefs top Dolphins (cbssports)

“For the first time in 30 years, the Detroit Lions will be hosting a playoff game. And now, there’s only one thing standing in the way of the Lions getting their first playoff win in more than three decades: Matthew Stafford.

This is like if you invited your ex to your wedding and she shows up with Brad Pitt as her date and that’s all anyone wants to talk about. You get overshadowed on your own wedding day, which is happening here: The Lions are hosting a postseason game for the first time since January 1994, but the main storyline this week is definitely going to be Stafford’s return. It’s also my favorite storyline of Super Wild Card Weekend.

Stafford will get to start a playoff game in Detroit, which is something he NEVER got to do during his 12 seasons with the Lions. Detroit went to the playoffs three times with Stafford, but all three of those games were played on the road. Also, this will be Stafford’s first game IN Detroit since being traded to the Rams back in March 2021.

As much fun as Stafford’s return is going to be, it feels like all the pressure this week is on the Lions. For one, they’re the higher seed and they’re favored to win.”

Brian Baldinger praises LA Rams roster: “As good as anybody . . .” (ramblinfan)

“If you cheer for the LA Rams, one of the sweetest treats in your week is the opportunity for NFL Insider and Analyst Brian Baldinger to break down the LA Rams in his unique and entertaining post-game perspective. And now, everyone in the NFL has the opportunity to view one of the most dramatic games in the history of the NFL Playoffs.

But let’s step back a bit. The 2023 NFL season may not be as jam-packed as that of Major League Baseball (MLB) or that of the National Basketball Association (NBA), but the National Football League (NFL) has gradually increased the number of regular season games in a season from 14 games (from 1961 through 1977), then to 16 games (from 1978 through 2020), and finally increasing to 17 games (from 2021 through present day)

While more games means more football, and that means more entertainment for everyone, it does tend to dilute the achievements of those individual games. For example, the LA Rams managed to win five of six games from their very competitive NFC Western Division rivals. Those are games that are arguably the most difficult to win, as the Rams face NFC West teams twice a season,

The Rams also depleted their roster this season, and in the process burdened themselves with over $77 million in dead cap space. That forced the LA Rams to reconstruct their 2023 version of the Rams roster by shopping thrift sales. Essentially the Rams relied heavily upon the 2023 NFL Draft for rookies who are inexpensive, augmented by veterans who were willing to play at the NFL minimum.”