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Rams Reacts Survey, Wild Card Weekend

Would losing Raheem Morris to a head coaching gig be a net positive or a negative?

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Los Angeles Rams Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

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The Los Angeles Rams have been a hot bed for head coaching candidates ever since Sean McVay became sliced bread and after a down year in 2022, they’re right back at the top of the search pile for teams looking to start over.

Though Raheem Morris has regularly been getting interviews every year, this would seem to be the time that the Rams are unable to keep a team from hiring him away as their next head coach.

Do you find that to be an overall net positive or net negative for the L.A. Rams?

Just from knowing what I read in the comments, fans have not always been happy with the defensive outcomes of Rams games, which is odd given how little resources the team spent on that side of the ball and the fact that L.A. is at least an average defense. Morris came to the Rams with little experience as a defensive coordinator (he had been a head coach for far more games than he had been a DC) and he had to take over for the hottest name in the business at the time, Brandon Staley.

Morris hasn’t had a top-ranked defense like Staley did, but is he doing a better job?

He might even take Staley’s job with the Chargers.

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