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Rams fans discuss: What is your biggest worry and your greatest hope so far?

The Rams are 1-2 but could be 3-0

Syndication: The Enquirer Kareem Elgazzar/The Enquirer / USA TODAY NETWORK

The Los Angeles Rams are 1-2, a record that doesn’t surprise many but perhaps the way that Sean McVay and Matthew Stafford have gotten there has been a little more shocking: The Rams could be 3-0.

L.A. has almost played well enough to win all three games and their next four are against the Colts, Eagles, Cardinals, and Steelers.

Despite not having Cooper Kupp and starting with an entirely new depth chart on defense with the exceptions of Aaron Donald and Ernest Jones, the Rams blew out the Seahawks and were in position in the second half to win against the 49ers and Bengals, two teams that reached their respective conference championships last season.

However, Stafford has 12 touchdowns and 12 interceptions over his last 12 games and at some point fingers have to stop being pointed at the offensive line and injuries. L.A. needs to adjust and work with they have because this IS the date that they brought to the party. The Rams had all of training camp to prepare without Kupp and they had the starting offensive line that they wanted up until losing A.J. Jackson late in the third game of the season.

There should be reasons for hope. There should also be reasons to worry.

What’s YOUR biggest reason to worry so far this season and what’s YOUR biggest source of hope based on what you’ve seen in the first three games? This is Rams fans discuss, so Rams fans: Jump into the comments section today and DISCUSS!