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Rams-49ers Final Score: L.A. drops game in fourth quarter

The Rams fall to 1-1 but put up a strong effort against the 49ers to keep it close

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Los Angeles Rams Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Rams lost to the San Francisco 49ers by a score of 30-23. Both teams put on a show Sunday afternoon. Matthew Stafford and Brock Purdy navigated a tight game. Sean McVay and Kyle Shanahan dialed up play after play. Both defenses kept their offenses in the game. Puka Nacua set a record for most receptions in the first two NFL games of their career. Overall, both of these franchises looked ready to still be around by the end of the year. We’ll have to wait and see about that.

LA would not come out on top of this one as the 49ers would eventually outbattle LA for the W. This game should have implications throughout the rest of the season as the 49ers take control of the NFC West with this win and move to 2-0. At 1-1 LA still has a long season ahead of them with a chance to stay competitive.

If Sean McVay and Co. can play how they played today, and limit a couple of the crucial mistakes, LA may even have a winning record by seasons end. SF looks like one of the best teams after two weeks of play. No real surprise there. What may have been surprising was how close this game was.

The 49ers opened up the scoring in the first quarter with a Christian McCaffrey rushing score. Los Angeles responded and both teams would respond throughout which kept this game exciting until the final whistle.

Kyren Williams had an impressive game with multiple touchdowns and the Rams may need him to stay healthy since no one really knows what exactly is going to on with Cam Akers. Joe Noteboom would get hurt early in the second half and the offensive line seemed to take a step back with his departure, but overall the Rams and Kyren Williams put up a real fight on the ground.

Matthew Stafford threw the the ball around and really does look like the quarterback the Rams had traded for, and not so much the injured quarterback that everyone saw last year.

Unfortunately, it would be Williams, who really was having a nice game, that also made the key mistake that led to LA falling behind.

That interception would lead the 49ers taking a lead and never looking back. Whereas the game really was close throughout, the turnovers by LA became too much for the team to overcome.

The game was basically over by the final few minutes but it never felt out of reach. McVay, for better or worse, kept his starters in throughout the game but in the end the Rams fell to the 49ers. Making this LA’s 9th straight loss in the regular season to SF. We’ll see how the tream responds next week when they take on the Cincinnati Bengals on Monday Night Football.