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Which college football team do you root for?

Rams fans talk about which college teams they like to root for and root against

NCAA Football: Stanford at Southern California Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Rams fans come from all over the country and all over the world, so an interesting topic that we’ve never discussed before that could help us get to know our community better would be: Which college football team do you root for, if any?

If you started following the team in Los Angeles, it’s possible you root for USC or UCLA. But millions of people who live in L.A. are “from” somewhere else and not a lot of people apply for/get into USC and UCLA. You could root for any of the California schools.

If you started following the Rams in St. Louis, then maybe you root for Missouri, but I’m sure many of you don’t.

How much college football do you watch? What teams do you root for or root against? Which players stand out to you recently or this season, perhaps someone you want to see on the Rams in the future? What are your thoughts on the transfer portal and NIL: Has it hurt college football or helped?

Talk about it in today’s thread that could be for college football fans or Rams fans who don’t follow college football.