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Matthew Stafford will star in season 2 of ‘Quarterback’, per source

The Rams quarterback has agreed to star in Netflix’s ‘Quarterback’, per source to Turf Show Times

Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford will be one of the featured stars in the second season of the hit Netflix docuseries “Quarterback”, according to a source in an exclusive report to me and Turf Show Times. The Super Bowl-winning quarterback of the L.A. Rams turned down Netflix and executive producers Peyton Manning and Keith Cossrow for the first season of the show, according to wife Kelly Stafford during a recent episode of her podcast “The Morning After”, but she added that he was open to doing the show depending on the outcome of season one and it appears that he was happy with what he saw.

One of the featured quarterbacks in the first season, Patrick Mahomes, was able to win MVP and the Super Bowl in 2022, so the show didn’t prove too much of a distraction for him.

The show originally aired on July 12th this year and featured Mahomes, Kirk Cousins and Marcus Mariota in season one. Since the end of the first season, which has been cited as one of Netflix’s biggest hits of 2023, many quarterbacks were rumored or confirmed to have turned down the show, including Stafford.

But per my source with knowledge of the situation, the Rams QB will be featured in this upcoming season.

A person with knowledge of the situation informed me that Stafford is not only confirmed to be on it, NFL Network has been filming for it now for a week and Stafford was said to be mic’d up in his game against the Seahawks to open the season. It’s already been a storied offseason for Matthew Stafford, from trade rumors to learning how to connect with young teammates, so Netflix is getting its money’s worth from the jump.

Netflix’s “Quarterback” is a documentary developed by the NFL around the basis of a similar hit series, “Drive to Survive”, which showcased the Formula 1 racing circuit and generated plenty of popularity around the sport. It’s worth mentioning that the NFL has never allowed this level of access before and all three quarterbacks during last season wore a microphone in every single game they played, so the typically quiet and private Stafford will be allowing fans into parts of his life that we’ve never gotten to see.

With the Rams off to an impressive 1-0 start coming off a 30-13 win over the Seahawks, following Matthew Stafford for the 2023 season could be the perfect marriage between Netflix and an L.A. quarterback. Will Stafford’s Rams defy the odds and win the whole thing again? Whether the L.A. Rams pull off the improbable or not, fans will get an opportunity to watch the season unfold twice, including a side to the starting quarterback we’ve never seen before.

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