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Best wishes and warmest regards to the 2023 Los Angeles Rams

LA is going to need every last ounce of good luck this season

Rams vs San Francisco 49ers in Inglewood, CA. Getty

Another NFL season is upon us once again as the Los Angeles Rams begin their 2023 campaign on the road against the Seattle Seahawks.

No matter what the final product on the field may end up looking like, I can’t say enough how overjoyed I am that football is back. Now I can FINALLY quit pretending to care about baseball, or soccer. Just kidding about that last part. I’m happy to say I haven’t gotten that desperate.

Given all the uncertainty surrounding the Rams in ‘23, I felt it was only fair to wish this team luck as they embark on a new venture. If anyone else has any well wishes for this team, please don’t be shy. LA is going to need every last freaking ounce of good luck this season.

I’m not guaranteeing the sentimentality of a Ted Lasso halftime speech here but either way, these are my best wishes for the 2023 LA Rams ahead of the season opener:

Dear Los Angeles Rams,

Best wishes to you this season as you attempt to put a miserable year behind you. Okay, 2022 didn’t start off too bad with the Super Bowl and everything but I digress.

Everyone has doubted you in the media all offseason long and now’s your chance to prove everybody wrong. Hey, no one is expecting a miracle so do your best! (Why did I just sound like a dad whose kid won a participation trophy?) LA, if you could at least stay in the playoff hunt until Thanksgiving you would’ve already surpassed any realistic expectations. A playoff spot would be even better but again, not trying to push you.

Best wishes to Sean McVay. May your youthful temples not turn gray should the Rams lose double digit games for the second year in a row. Perhaps overdoing it on hair gel on a weekly basis prevents this. Could be a fun little retirement science project...several years down the road. Don’t think you’re getting off the hook that easily my friend.

Best wishes to Matthew Stafford, Aaron Donald and Cooper Kupp. May your health luck improve drastically this time around. Kupp already isn’t off to a great start. Stupid football gods. (Knocks on wood) Sorry, I didn’t mean that. The things we say in the heat of the moment you know?

Best wishes to the rookie class. Puka Nacua, Steve Avila, Byron Young, Kobie Turner, Stetson Bennett, Nick Hampton, Warren McClendon, Tre Tomlinson, Zach Evans, etc. Okay, Bennett is the future until Caleb Williams or whoever is drafted in the first round next year. Regardless, (most) of you gentlemen are the future of this franchise so make the most of the opportunities you’re given. Take nothing for granted.

Best wishes to the receiving room minus Kupp. Van Jefferson, Puka, Tutu Atwell and others, you got this. Atwell especially, we’re ready to see you burn the likes of those seachickens and Niners to a crisp. Make the most of your opportunities as well and do what you can to live up to your hype. Of course I’m assuming McVay will decide to use you more.

Best wishes to Cam Akers, the biggest mystery of them all. I have zero clue whether you’re the guy or will ever be the guy. I also don’t don’t know if the end of last year was a fluke or the start of something bigger. I wish you weren’t so confusing. Maybe try working on that this season.

Best wishes to Raheem Morris. Any success the Rams might have this season will largely depend on Morris and his ability to keep LA’s youthful defense afloat. There are gaping holes all across the roster but defense is the unit most worse off. I’m probably in the minority of fans wishing him well. Also Raheem, try not to cry too much about missing Jalen. We all miss him too but keep it together dude!

Finally, best wishes to you LA in the early going. Playing the Seahawks, 49ers, Bengals, Eagles and Cowboys before the Week 10 bye is cruel. Best way to combat it is to shock the world with a couple upsets. That or pray these teams are so much worse than analysts pegged them to be. Thank goodness for the Colts and Cardinals. Nothing like beating up on garbage teams to pad the stats. Unless they’re way better than initially thought. Just kidding. Fat chance in hell that happens. (Knocks on wood)

Best wishes and warmest regards Rams. The Turf Show Ramily will always be behind you win or lose. It’d be nicer if you won. Makes the hot wings digest a lot easier. I’m not expecting much out of you this year so try to surprise us every once in a while.

We’re onto 2024 2023,

All of Rams faithful