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Random Ramsdom: Sean McVay says “I know that we can be better”

Los Angeles Rams News and Links for 8/5/23

Los Angeles Rams Offseason Workout Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

Hey happy Saturday and hope your weekend is just swell! Thanks for checking out today’s links, always good to have you.

Below we have link, and apparently the Los Angeles Rams have been having some “frustrating” practices. I personally am not concerned, it’s a lot of young players and they are trying find their footing in the NFL, and I would guess even some of the veterans are getting back into the swing of things. Practice is all about making mistakes and as long as the team is learning then I am not concerned. What are your thoughts about the Rams practices? Any concerns, any insights?

We’ve got a cool link about Jared Goff and his NFC Championship win, we’ve also got a good article about that as well.

Please comment on anything you’d like and have a great weekend!

Rams’ Sean McVay Speaks Out On ‘Frustrating’ Practices: ‘I Know That We Can Be Better’ (

“For the most part, the offseason has been relatively smooth sailing so far, but some cracks are beginning to show. On Tuesday, Rams coach Sean McVay opened up on how the team’s mistakes in practice are beginning to add up, and how he wants his team to improve.

“Just with this team, we’ve got a real long way to go,” McVay told reporters. “Today was not very good overall. I thought we were very sloppy, not sharp on both sides of the football and so if we want to continue to try to do the things that we’re doing and take steps in the right direction, we have to be better than we were today.”

McVay also didn’t shy away from pointing out how specific players could improve as well. He said rookie pass-rusher Byron Young still has “a long way to go” and noted that rookie guard Steve Avila ”got tired today.” McVay was still positive with both players overall, but also wasn’t afraid to share some criticism as well.

Of course, McVay understands that Rome wasn’t built in a day. While he can be tough on his players, he does it to help them grow and with the expectation that they will.

“No, here’s what I told them, ‘I’m not going to apologize for having high standards for what they’re capable of,’” McVay said. “But there’s a tolerance, there’s an understanding. There’s going to be a lot of mistakes, it’s the repetitive ones. It’s when we get a little bit tired and you’re not really thinking and it’s stuff that we’ve done over and over again.

“I have total understanding of some of the patience and the tolerance that’ll be necessary, but I also have seen enough good things from a lot of these guys that I know that we can be better than that and that’s what I expect when we’re back out here practicing in a couple days.”

McVay is entering his sixth season with the Rams, yet this year is an entirely unique situation. Unlike previous years where McVay has had plenty of veterans to work with, he is working with a much younger group of players this season. It’s a learning process for all involved, and the Rams hope to have the kinks ironed out when the regular season begins.”

Rams OC Mike LaFleur: Cooper Kupp day to day with hamstring injury, will ‘be back in the right time’ (

“LaFleur noted Thursday that the medical staff will determine when Kupp can return to practice, but the OC doesn’t expect an elongated absence.

“Yeah, I don’t know the total medical stuff with it,” LaFleur said Thursday, via the team’s official transcript. “He’s day to day. He’ll be back in the right time and stuff like that. So he is just going through the rehab process, but he’s day to day. He’ll be alright.”

It’s good news for Kupp, who missed the final eight games last season due to an ankle injury. Given how hamstring issues can linger if not adequately healed before returning, we don’t expect the Rams to push the wideout back onto the practice field too soon. But LaFleur’s update offers optimism that Kupp will return before the season starts.

“That’s a question for the medical people,” LaFleur said when asked how cautious the club would be with Kupp. “I try to stay in my lane with that stuff when they tell us, ‘Hey, he’s ready, full go.’ Coop knows his body. He’s a professional. The guys working with him are professionals. They’ll get it right when the time is right.”

Jared Goff will not apologize to Saints fans over controversial Rams 2018 NFCCG win (

“Before Jared Goff was the quarterback for the Detroit Lions, he was at the helm of the Los Angeles Rams for a few seasons, including a Super Bowl appearance. During his time with the Rams, Goff was a part of a controversial NFC Championship Game win over the New Orleans Saints, although he has no interest in apologizing for the win, reports Pardon My Take.

“No. God no…they got the ball in overtime, they had a chance to win it…Was it called pass interference?…I’ve had a million pass interferences that weren’t called…it wasn’t like it was perfect for us either.”

Goff emphasizes that what happened in the game is what happened, so he has no interest in apologizing. He also stresses that the Saints had plenty of opportunity to win despite the controversial pass interference call, but they failed to take advantage.

Ultimately, the controversy ended up not completely benefitting the Rams and Goff because they ultimately lost the Super Bowl. Fast forward to today, and Jared Goff is the quarterback for the Lions and has been long removed from his tenure with the Rams.”

Rams Cooper Kupp Will Be Back at ‘Right Time,’ LaFleur says (

“Yeah, I don’t know the total medical stuff with it,” LaFleur said on Thursday. “He’s day to day. He’ll be back in the right time and stuff like that. So he is just going through the rehab process, but he’s day to day. He’ll be alright.”

What’s the right time? That is a question that only Kupp and the Rams’ medical team may know right now. Yet, any concern following Kupp’s ankle injury that forced him to miss the final eight games of last season can be quelled a little bit in the short term.

An injury to their star receiver was exactly what the Rams hoped wouldn’t happen just so soon after getting him back from his ankle injury. Until his newest knock, training camp had been going smoothly for No. 10 as he was starting to refind his connection with starting quarterback Matthew Stafford.”

Why Your Team Sucks 2023: Los Angeles Rams (defector)

Your 2022 record: 5-12. This was the worst offense in football a year ago. Not the Falcons, not the Texans, not even the Broncos. This one. The Rams didn’t have a 1,000-yard rusher. They didn’t have a 1,000-yard receiver. Their second leading wideout was the immortal Ben Skowronek, who had 376 yards. They BARELY had a 2,000-yard passer. None of their three most important players were able to finish the season. These were the worst defending Super Bowl champions in history. I’ve had landlords deliver a bill later than this.

The particulars: LA started the season 3-3 and then proceeded to drop six straight. They let Christian McCaffrey hit for the cycle (ran, threw, and caught a touchdown) in their eighth straight regular-season loss to San Francisco. Tom Brady beat them with a 60-yard touchdown drive when he had only 44 seconds left and no timeouts to work with. They lost a game to Dallas in which rhinestone Ken doll Cooper Rush threw for 102 yards. They lost to Colt McCoy. They lost to the Seahawks when Geno Smith hit a touchdown pass in double coverage to D.K. Metcalf in the final minute.

They gave up the third-most sacks in the league. Their biggest free-agent signing, wideout Allen Robinson, came and went. They got their QB concussed, watched him clear protocol, and then got him concussed again two days later. That second banging of the gong included a spinal cord bruise that turned out to be a season-ending injury. John Wolford started at QB for these Rams. So did Bryce Perkins. So did Baker Mayfield, whom they picked up off the street to engineer a last-second win against Vegas in a Thursday night game that no one, not even the broadcast crew, stayed up to finish watching. This would prove to be their signature victory of the entire campaign.

So lemme tell you what that 2021 Super Bowl victory means, Los Angeles: NOTHING. Not a goddamn thing. NFL Films has already burned the master tapes of that season, it was such an indictment of football as a sport. You fucked them picks, and now them picks are fucking you right back, and will do so for another decade and change. I’ve never seen a more meaningless championship, and I lived through the 2006 Miami Heat, OK? I know counterfeit hardware when I see it.

I think these types of articles are supposed to be fun, so nothing very seriously to take in my opinion, just different perspectives. I will say that the Rams Super Bowl win seemed pretty real to me. Nothing counterfeit about it.

All worth it.

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