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Former Rams QB says he will never apologize for the NFC Championship game

Former Rams quarterback Jared Goff doesn’t apologize for the Saints non-call in the NFC Championship

NFL: NFC Championship Game-Los Angeles Rams at New Orleans Saints John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

The New Orleans Saints may never stop complaining about the alleged non-pass interference call in the fourth quarter of the 2019 NFC Championship game. Despite that game being almost five years old at this point, it still comes up every year on how the Los Angeles Rams benefitted from that call.

To refresh everyone’s memory, the Saints led late in the fourth quarter when on 3rd-and-10, Sean Payton opted to throw the ball with 1:48 remaining. Brees threw the pass to Tommylee Lewis who was hit by Nickell Robey-Coleman. Some say that Robey-Coleman hit Lewis before the pass arrived. Instead of the game being over, the Saints settled for a field goal. The Rams went down the field and tied the game and then intercepted Brees in overtime, eventually winning off of a 60-yard Greg Zuerlein field goal.

Former Rams quarterback Jared Goff went on Barstool’s Pardon My Take as part of their training camp tour and talked about the alleged missed call. Goff was asked if he would ever apologize for the Saints game, responding, “To who?” He went on to elaborate,

“No. God no. No. They got the ball in overtime. They had a chance to win it...I’ve had a million pass interferences that weren’t called...They had that happen and then they ended up throwing the ball again. They could have ran it and ran off more clock, but threw an inclusion. Then, you know, we got lucky and they turned it over to us in overtime and we made a field goal from 60-yards. It wasn’t like it was perfect for us either.”

Goff does a great job answering this question and displays why he will always be loved and embraced by the Los Angeles fanbase. The Saints had several chances to win the game and didn’t. Payton could have ran the ball to take off more clock or win the game in overtime. Instead, the Saints head coach mismanaged the situation which led to a call having such a large impact.

People forget, the Saints were also up 13-3 late in the first half, but gave up a deep pass to Brandin Cooks that set up a Todd Gurley touchdown. Instead of going into the half trailing by 10, the Rams only were down by three. Goff also had his face-mask pulled which wasn’t called.

It’s a call that will live on forever, but it’s nice to know that Goff isn’t sorry for any of it.