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Predicting the Rams 16-man practice squad after roster cuts

Who will make the Rams 16-man practice squad?

NFL: Los Angeles Rams Training Camp Kiyoshi Mio-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Rams cut their roster down to 53 players on Tuesday. However, now they will be looking to finalize their roster which includes putting together the 16-man practice squad. The practice squad is essential for teams as it allows for them to continue developing young players while running the “scout team” and not taking up a roster spot. Here are my predictions for the Rams 16-man practice squad.

OL AJ Arcuri

Arcuri played well over the final two preseason games. However, with the depth at tackle, it made sense that Arcuri didn’t make the roster. Arcuri played well, but not well enough to make the roster over versatile pieces like Warren McClendon, Zach Thomas, and Joe Noteboom. The Rams should be able to get Arcuri over to the practice squad and continue developing their seventh-round pick from last year.

OL Logan Bruss

Some may have seen it as a surprise that Logan Bruss got cut. With that said, the tea leaves were pointing in that direction. The Rams tried Bruss at right tackle and then as a swing tackle with not a lot of luck. I don’t think this is the end of Bruss’ story. Coming off of the injury, getting him on the practice squad and getting him a full year just to focus on his development is best at this point. While not ideal, that’s where we’re currently at.

DL Marquise Copeland

It was a minor surprise that the Rams cut Copeland. However, he should still make it on the practice squad. He’s a good player to have in the building as someone who knows the defense and has experience. Copeland’s lack of size is likely a reason he got cut along with the emergence of Desjuan Johnson.

EDGE Daniel Hardy

Hardy spent his rookie year on injured reserve, but is still the type of athlete worth betting on and trying to develop. While he may not provide value on the roster, he can certainly continue to develop on the practice squad. At the same time, the Rams may just decide to completely move on as the rebuild at the edge rusher position.

CB Tanner Ingle

Ingle had a case for the 53-man roster. He may end up there when all is said and done heading into Week 1. The Rams have done a good job developing safeties in the past and Ingle made plays and impressed all throughout training camp. If he doesn’t end up on the roster, keeping him around to develop on the practice squad is something that makes a lot of sense.

S Jordan Jones

Jones is a player that the Rams seem to like as someone who not only provides depth at cornerback, but got some work as the “star” position in the secondary. Jones is a versatile player and someone that the Rams will want to keep around.

OL Mike McAllister

McAllister didn’t take all of the snaps at center in the preseason by accident. The Rams could have brought in another center and some point, but chose not to. McCallister was a long shot for the roster, but is a player that the Rams will want to keep on the practice squad to continue developing.

OL Grant Miller

Miller performed well in the preseason at right guard, allowing just one pressure in three games. With the lack of overall depth at right guard, the Rams will certainly be looking to keep Miller in the building and develop him further.

CB Cameron McCutcheon

The Rams are going to need some depth at cornerback on the practice squad and McCutcheon makes a lot of sense. He allowed just three receptions on 10 targets in the preseason and gives the Rams a larger cornerback at 6’3.

WR Lance McCutcheon

To the surprise of some, Los Angeles only kept six wide receivers on the initial roster. With that being the case, expect two or three on the practice squad. McCutcheon spent last year on the Rams roster but didn’t stand out in training camp or the preseason. He should find a spot on the practice squad.

TE Christian Sims

Sims is a player that the Rams will certainly want to keep around and develop. Both Tyler Higbee and Brycen Hopkins are on expiring contracts. The Rams can develop Sims this year and then allow him to compete for a roster spot in 2024.

LB DeAndre Square

The Rams brought in a couple of undrafted free agent linebackers. Much like wide receiver, the Rams could look to try and keep two of them on the practice squad. With that said, outside of Square, nobody really impressed. Expect Square to stick around and compete for a roster spot next offseason or even end up on the roster at some point.

WR Austin Trammel

Trammel is a player that is just good to keep around in the building. He has experience in the offense and if needed, can be brought up in a pinch. Trammel also brings value on special teams as someone who can return punts.

Three Extra Spots

This gives the Rams three extra spots on the practice squad to sign from other teams and look outside their own building. With a high spot in the waiver order, the Rams will most certainly be scouring other teams’ roster cuts.