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Random Ramsdom: Which ‘24 rookies will make the final roster?

Los Angeles Rams News and Links for 8/26/23

NFL: Preseason-Los Angeles Chargers at Los Angeles Rams Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

You made it to the weekend! Well done. If you are working this weekend I do understand, that happens. Either way thank you for stopping by today and checking some links!

We’ve got a list of the Los Angeles Rams most recent draft class here.

Do you think any of those 14 picks will NOT make the final roster? I have no idea. Speculating about this not my specialty because there typically is so much information to consider when it comes to later draft picks beating our a savvy veteran or not. Most of us can guess who some of the rookie locks are based on where they are drafted, but there’s still plenty of unknowns when it comes to what this final roster will be. Especially towards the final roster spots at each position.

Any undrafted players that have stood out to you? LA takes on the Denver Broncos for the both teams’ final preseason game of the season. That game should have an impact on the final roster.

As always, comment on anything you’d like and let us know what you think!

How many of the Rams’ 14 drafted rookies will make the 53-man roster? (ramswire)

“Most drafted rookies end up making the 53-man roster, but that may not be the case for the Rams, given the sheer size of their draft class. So how many of their rookie draftees will wind up on the initial regular-season roster this year?

We’ve grouped them into locks, “likely to make it” and guys on the bubble.


G Steve Avila (2nd round)

OLB Byron Young (3rd round)

DT Kobie Turner (3rd round)

QB Stetson Bennett (4th round)

TE Davis Allen (5th round)

WR Puka Nacua (5th round)

CB Tre Tomlinson (6th round)

P Ethan Evans (7th round)

None of these players is going to be cut on or before Tuesday. While their results have been mixed in the preseason, they all bring something to the table that’s worth keeping on the roster.”

Rams’ Sean McVay, Cooper Kupp Analyze Practice Return (fannation/ramsdigest)

“When we got back (to) running routes…we had a good return to play session. We go out there running routes and we’d go in, throw whatever it was, 30 balls and go 30-for-30 and (quarterback Matthew Stafford) put some in some good spots,” Kupp said during Thursday’s press conference. ”I think when we came out of a session, (we realized) we’re in a good spot.”

The only member of the Rams organization who may be more excited about Kupp being back than the receiver himself is coach Sean McVay. McVay broke down the moment during practice when he realized his playmaking duo of Stafford and Kupp returned to normalcy.

“There was a play on a third down period where the ball had to come out in perfect timing,” McVay said. It was a far-sideline one of those tighter windows in those medium ranges. As soon as (Kupp’s) eyes came around, that ball was on him, and that was excellent execution.”

Both Kupp and Stafford suffered injuries in the middle of last season, which were a major factor in the Rams’ historic Super Bowl hangover. As they both should be ready to go for Week 1 against the Seattle Seahawks, Rams fans are hoping they can replicate their historic 2021 season.”

What are the LA Rams plans for rookie QB Stetson Bennett? (ramblinfan)

“It’s an intricate dance that the LA Rams coaching staff try to perform each season. That fine line between protection and building experience. For the Rams’ perspective, anyone who could have a meaningful role in the upcoming season is likely to be afforded the minimal number of preseason snaps conceivable. But for a rookie quarterback who needs to get acclimated to the speed and physicality of the NFL, experience is the best teacher.

There is only so far that a quarterback can get by practicing against his own teammates day after day. And for rookie quarterback Stetson Bennett, he seemed to pass that level of his development with flying colors.

The Rams have every reason to be impressed with Bennett.

Dynamite debut

In his first preseason game, the LA Rams opened the game with veteran backup quarterback Brett Rypien with no luck. And so, as planned, Rypien was replaced by former Georgia quarterback Stetson Bennett, who looked every bit the part of an NFL quarterback against the Los Angeles Chargers.”

3 reasons to love LA Rams RB Cam Akers in 2023 - FF owners take notes (ramblinfan)

“III: New Rams coaches love to run the football

From LA Rams new OC Mike LaFleur, to OL Coach Ryan Wendell, to RB Coach Ron Gould, the Rams coaching staff seemed to aim high for coaching talent. But more so than any other year, the Rams seemed to have a much stronger interest in coaches whose expertise were not simply passing the football, but who have a solid track record of successfully running the football.

To make an impression on his new RB coach, veteran running back Cam Akers arrived to the Rams training camp with more muscle than ever.

II: Cam Akers finished 2022 strong behind a patchwork OL

While the LA Rams have yet to boast a 1000+ yards of running offense in a single season over the past three seasons, Cam Akers is ideally positioned to deliver that this year. After all, the lessons learned about the LA Rams offense in 2022 would lead even the most reluctant coaches to agree that the Rams need to run more to offer QB Matthew Stafford more protection. And over the last three games of 2022, Cam Akers ran the football 63 times for 345 yards and three touchdowns.

Rudely projected over a full season, that works out to 357 carries for 1,955 yards and 17 touchdowns. While we know that is unlikely, I don’t believe that 200 carries for 1,095 yards and 10 touchdowns is beyond reason.”