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WATCH: Sean McVay celebrates Rams’ pick-six as it happens on Coach Cam

Jake Hummel made his head coach happy at just the right moment

Los Angeles Chargers v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The L.A. Rams defense didn’t get off to the start that they wanted in Saturday night’s game against the Las Vegas Raiders, but they got momentum in the second quarter as linebacker Jake Hummel intercepted quarterback Brian Hoyer and returned it for a touchdown to tie the score 10-10.

As it so happens, the Rams broadcast was in the middle of interviewing head coach Sean McVay as the play happened, giving fans a rare moment to hear directly from the coach live during the big play of the night.

After the touchdown, the part that was cutoff by the Rams for obvious reasons, was McVay talking about how “good shit” had to happen while they were interviewing him. He said that he felt selfish being on coach cam right in the moment that one of his players scores an unexpected touchdowns.

Hummel is fighting for a job as a starting linebacker.