Is Stafford an elite QB? QB composite scores

This is an attempt at creating a composite index for QB. The formula is different, because while offensive linemen rarely get over 40 SIS points, the top QBs can get between 150 to 200 SIS points. So, this is how I calculated the index scores:

Passing DYAR from Football Outsiders divided by 10 (for QBs who are good runners, I added their rushing DYAR to the passing DYAR, giving them an advantage vs a pocket passing QB like Stafford) + SIS total points + PFF regular season grade = Composite INDEX score

This is a descending list from the last 3 seasons, ordered by the QB's best score:

Patrick Mahomes 460.5 in 2022. As expected, he essentially blows away the rest of the competition. He scored 364.0 in 2021 and 433.4 in 2020. I did not add in his rushing DYAR, even though he's a decent runner, because he's not quite good enough to make a significant difference, but if we gave him that benefit, it would slightly boost his total even higher.

Tom Brady 443.2 in 2021. Scored 402.2 in 2020. His numbers wouldn't have been nearly as high his final seasons as a Patriot, but they jumped when he joined Tampa.

Aaron Rodgers 415.4 in 2020. His other seasons weren't as strong.

Justin Herbert 408.1 in 2021. Not as good his other seasons, scoring 282 in 2020 and 277.3 in 2022. I didn't include his rushing DYAR, which would have given him a slight boost in 2021, but not helped him in the other years.

Josh Allen 395.8 in 2020. Since he's a good runner, I included his rushing DYAR. Scored 360.9 in 2022 and 332.8 in 2021, making a strong case for being 2nd to only Mahomes among current QBs.

Deshaun Watson 388.8 in 2020. Had more than twice as many SIS points that year as any other season of his career. Did his off field behavior derail his breakout or was he a one year wonder?

Jared Goff 338.1 in 2022. Wait, what? Who is this guy? How did his name get in here? What drags him down is PFF doesn't like him, otherwise this number might have been more like 350.

Matthew Stafford 329.7 in 2021. His injury in 2022 robs us from more data. He scored 239.4 in 2020.

Dak Prescott 325.7 in 2021.

Joe Burrow 302.9 in 2022. Scored 276.6 in 2021. Was voted the 6th best player in the NFL by the players. PFF loves him. But, is he really as elite as his reputation? This metric suggests that he's simultaneous very good, but also potentially overrated.

Jalen Hurts 290.5 in 2022. Helped by including his rushing DYAR, but he didn't get many SIS points.

Trevor Lawrence 281.2 in 2022. Trending in the right direction, but IMO he still needs to be more consistent to truly breakout and be considered to be an elite QB.

Derek Carr 278.2 in 2020. Kind of an underrated QB, because his best years are similar to some of the "down" years of other QBs on this list, such as Herbert and Burrow. He just hasn't shown the upside ability to raise his game to another level for a full season, whether due to injury, a weaker supporting cast, coaching or his own talent limitations.

Lamar Jackson 203.4 in 2022. Hard to understand, because Football Outsiders must hate this guy, maybe due to his unconventional playing style. For some reason, he never scores well in DYAR or gets enough SIS points, so he performs poorly in the composite index. His 2021 and 2020 seasons are very similar to his 2022 score. If we had included all the other QBs (e.g. Daniel Jones, Tua, Jimmy G, etc.) I imagine there would be a bunch of QBs who score higher than Lamar. On the field, Lamar Jackson is undoubtedly an offensive weapon. But, is he a quarterback in the conventional sense? Why doesn't he score more like Jalen Hurts in 2022? I don't know, I didn't create the numbers, I just added them up.

Was this info enlightening in any way as to which QBs are or aren't top 10 players? Is there another QB (e.g. Kirk Cousins) who you're curious about how they score?