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Rams Fans Discuss: How much preseason football do you intend to watch?

The Rams have a more intriguing preseason schedule than usual

56. Super Bowl - Public Viewing in Berlin Photo by Annette Riedl/picture alliance via Getty Images

The Los Angeles Rams start their 2023 preseason journey on Saturday against the Los Angeles Chargers and it figures to be the most interesting exhibition season since Sean McVay’s first year with the team in 2017. For that reason alone, the probability that at least some important players could suit up, I expect more people will be watching these Rams preseason games than in the past.

But the NFL knows it has a hold on fans anyway, as a long offseason tends to bring in millions of viewers even when the scores do not matter.

We want to hear from you: How much preseason football do you intend to watch this year and what were your typical preseason viewing hours in the past?

Will you watch all four quarters of all three games?

Will you watch the first half only?

Will you watch other preseason games besides the Rams?

And does anyone even know HOW to find a game anymore or WHAT NFL+ is?

Let us know in the comments. There are two preseason games on Thursday night, will you be watching, how will you be watching, and what will you be doing when watching?