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Tyreek Hill puts Torry Holt in his top-5 receivers of all-time

The Rams great is still waiting to make the Hall of Fame, but Tyreek Hill wouldn’t hesitate

San Francisco 49ers v St. Louis Rams

Last week’s Hall of Fame game and subsequent induction ceremony served as another reminder that Torry Holt continues to be atop the best players to not be voted into Canton yet, but one of the NFL’s best modern receivers can’t understand why: Tyreek Hill. In listing his top-five receivers of all-time, Hill listed Holt and put him over Jerry Rice.

“A lot of people get mad at me because I don’t put Jerry Rice in my category,” said Hill. “I’m a Torry Holt fan.”

Hill also listed Antonio Brown, Randy Moss, Calvin Johnson, and Terrell Owens in his top-five.

Holt is one of the most productive skill players to not be in the Hall of Fame. He led the NFL with 1,635 receiving yards in 2000, then led the league in both catches and yards with 117 and 1,696 in 2003. He won a Super Bowl as a rookie in 1999 and posted eight straight seasons with at least 1,100 receiving yards. Holt was a seven-time Pro Bowl player and first-team All-Pro in 2003.

In the ‘99 playoffs, Holt caught 20 passes for 242 yards in three games and he finished his career with 630 postseason yards in 10 games. Holt’s 920 receptions ranks 22nd all-time, his 13,382 yards ranks 17th.

These are numbers that Hill may never catch as he sits at 598 and 8,340. But Hill is a four-time first-team All-Pro and the type of recognition he has received in his career could make him a Hall of Famer one day. But what we know today is that Torry Holt is a Tyreek Hill Hall of Famer.