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Former Rams player compares rookie DT at training camp to Aaron Donald

Is Desjuan Johnson much more relevant than his nickname implies?

NFL: AUG 06 Los Angeles Rams Training Camp Photo by Icon Sportswire

When you are the last pick of the NFL Draft, you automatically are stuck with the nickname of “Mr. Irrelevant” for life. That didn’t work out too bad for Brock Purdy in 2022, last year’s Mr. Irrelevant. Could it be that L.A. Rams rookie Desjuan Johnson is the second coming of Purdy but on the defensive side of the ball?

Well, former Rams quarterback Vince Ferragamo went a step further this week, saying that Desjuan Johnson looks like the “second coming of Aaron Donald” at training camp.

Woah, slow down there, Vince!

“We saw Desjuan Johnson out there too, Jackie. He looks like, you know, a second Aaron Donald in coming because he’s so quick and off the ball.”

“Yeah, he’s quick,” replied Hall of Famer Jackie Slater

I have not heard or read literally anything about Johnson at Rams training camp until now, making Vince Ferragamo a first in that regard. Who knows, maybe others at training camp will soon follow suit?

Johnson was the 259th overall pick, getting selected by the Rams out of Toledo with a pick Les Snead acquired on the third day of the draft. He is competing with the likes of Earnest Brown IV, Jonah Williams, and Larrell Murchison to be a backup on the defensive line and for the most part hasn’t even been included in many 53-man roster projections that I’m aware of. Instead, it’s been third round pick Kobie Turner getting praised as a standout rookie defensive lineman thus far.

Second coming of Aaron Donald, Vince? With the last pick of the draft, I’d settle for the second coming of Marquise Copeland!