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Bill Belichick could soon break this record held by Jeff Fisher

It’s not a milestone that the former Rams head coach wants to hold onto

Los Angeles Rams Vs. New England Patriots At Gillette Stadium Photo by Jim Davis/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Jeff Fisher’s career with the St. Louis and Los Angeles Rams was notable even in spite of his win-loss record, because he may have been the first NFL head coach to become a meme in the modern Internet age: 7-9. So even though Fisher spent a much longer portion of his career with the Houston Oilers/Tennessee Oilers/Tennessee Titans, he is forever remembered as “the 7-9 coach” for his four-plus seasons with the Rams.

At least he may soon no longer be remembered as the most-losing coach of all-time.

Fisher has a career record of 173-165, which is tied for the most losses by any head coach in NFL history. Former Falcons, Broncos, and Giants head coach Dan Reeves went 190-165 in his career, losing the same number of games as Fisher but winning 17 more times.

But soon, the third-most winningest coach could also become the coach with the most losses in the NFL history: Bill Belichick.

With a career record of 298-152 with the New England Patriots and Cleveland Browns, Belichick only trails Don Shula (328) and George Halas (318) for most career wins. His .662 winning percentage also ranks behind Shula and Halas. (Halas also tied 31 games over a career that started in 1920 and ended in 1967.)

With 13 more losses, Belichick will tie Fisher and Reeves for the most defeats by a head coach in NFL history. He does happen to have won 108 more games than Reeves and 125 more games than Fisher. That’s a mark that could happen if the Patriots absolutely collapse in 2023, but is more likely to take at least two years to match. Belichick hasn’t lost more than nine games in a season since 2000, his first year with the Patriots. Even after Tom Brady left in 2020, New England has gone 25-25 in the past three seasons.

The Patriots could be playing in the hardest division in the NFL now with the rise of the Miami Dolphins as a threat in the AFC and the addition of Aaron Rodgers to the Jets. But going 4-13 or worse seems so unlike Belichick that not even Mac Jones could probably manage to do that.

Given a couple more years though, Fisher may not be the most-losing coach in NFL history anymore. He certainly won’t be the “most winning” either, but at least it’s something.